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  1. Version This mod changes spider


    Hi After seeing this reddit post on reddit I decided to make this mod. The skin places a pumpkin instead of the spider body .But beside that I also placed a minimap icon for pumpkin which is pumpkin lantern and another for spiders which is a pumpkin.I also changed the quotes for spiders. With this mod when you see a pumpkin outside your inventory is a pumpkin lantern instead(it does NOT provide light). So you can decorate your base for Halloween now. Hope JefflsOrange from reddit likes this mod.
  2. josejade

    Wall Gates

    Hi I have created a mod to make wall out of gold using this mod code with some changes.I want to make it able for download but first i wanted you to aprove my use of your source code in this mod.If you aprove my use of your code or if you have any questions please send them to my email for reading this.