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  1. Hey! I love this mod but I'm experiencing an issue... It happened to me twice that I've got a stack of 70 rocks or so and after I throw about six of them the rocks all magically dissapear? Like, they are all gone... Is this a bug or is another mod interfering?
  2. Hey! I made another one This one is Willow being very creepy, but I like her very much. See it for yourself
  3. Deviantart:
  4. Hi everyone! I've been playing don't starve for so many hours and I love drawing. I decided to draw Wendy and Willow because I just love the characters so much! This is what came out! I like the drawing Update! I plan on making more of these drawings and after I made one I will post them here! I just added the second drawing of Wendy and Abigail encountering a few spiders Update no. 2 Hehehe, as you can see, this is Willow being some murdering creepy little girl. I like this one very much. She is just putting on her grass suit to go on and (...) (think of something yourself, haha)