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  1. Throwable Rocks

    Hey! I love this mod but I'm experiencing an issue... It happened to me twice that I've got a stack of 70 rocks or so and after I throw about six of them the rocks all magically dissapear? Like, they are all gone... Is this a bug or is another mod interfering?
  2. Wendy and Willow fan art

    Hey! I made another one This one is Willow being very creepy, but I like her very much. See it for yourself
  3. Wendy and Willow fan art

    I updated the post with a second drawing!
  4. Wendy and Willow fan art

    I'll do my best!
  5. Wendy and Willow fan art

    Thank you so much
  6. Wendy and Willow fan art

  7. Hi everyone! I've been playing don't starve for so many hours and I love drawing. I decided to draw Wendy and Willow because I just love the characters so much! This is what came out! I like the drawing Update! I plan on making more of these drawings and after I made one I will post them here! I just added the second drawing of Wendy and Abigail encountering a few spiders Update no. 2 Hehehe, as you can see, this is Willow being some murdering creepy little girl. I like this one very much. She is just putting on her grass suit to go on and (...) (think of something yourself, haha)