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  1. Can I ask for a "Yes by default with capability to turn off in world customization" option? I feel that "Yes as an option" implies that increased difficulty isn't going to be the default, which is where I'd want to put my vote alongside an option for those who don't desire it to turn it off. It matches the base game's sense of wanting to be difficult but being able to turn off some of the things that you either don't like or don't feel that you're ready for. I also imagine that if many changes and new additions that increased difficulty would be turned off by default, there would be too little incentive for Klei to put much effort into it, as opposed to making a very challenging default setting and allowing people to turn them off if needed. I don't really like it when the only way to make something more difficult by yourself is to make enemies hit harder or have more health, and I would find it a lot more interesting if Don't Starve Together had some specific enemies that tackled players in a way that could only be done with multiplayer. Think hallucinations of other players that act awfully convincing or anything that could be done differently in multiplayer without just tweaking a text file for a basic parameter. I can see that some have said that it would be a lot more difficult to have to expend resources on multiple players, but this also does come with a few assumptions: That a player will have a hard time sustaining themselves due to increased resource pressure, and that there's going to be no change in world generation to allow more resources to spawn. I don't think either of these are entirely certain. I myself don't cover a crazy amount of ground in-game, but I don't have too many problems getting a surplus of food to the point where I have to actively limit what I gather so I don't end up with a ton of wasted effort for a bunch of meals that end up spoiling. I understand that not everyone would be able to do that, but I will also say that when a single person can feed themselves and bring out plenty of meals that will otherwise spoil when left untouched for other players, I wouldn't necessarily guarantee that people would feel more pressure as far as resources are concerned. Maybe if they live next to each other, there'd be issues, but even then there are times where I have to decide between killing a bunch of Werepigs or heading into a Deciduous Forest to get a crazy amount of mushrooms and a bit of meat, both of which would sustain me for a long while. A few more hungry players would not be something I'd view as a particular concern in this situation. Granted, if there was PvP involved, it would make things a little more tricky, but then you could also say that in a theoretical long-term Don't Starve PvP game, it would be interesting to see how you could make your enemy.... starve.
  2. I somewhat imagine that this would be the case, too. It might be a bit OP if there isn't any multiplayer-specific threat that increases the difficulty of the game to compensate for the fact that you have an extra hand which could save you in case you get killed. Without some extra difficulty, Multiplayer would basically just be singleplayer with an extra hand to help you if you die as well as help with any other tasks. I imagine that they understand this, though, and I'm quite interested in seeing what threats or systems there might be coming in place to compensate for an ability to revive someone else or even just having the potential for synergy. Anything that makes it harder to survive on your own as well as actually requiring the extra teammate to make use of the potential for teamwork would do from what I can see, really.