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  1. *steals high five* The rush of stealing keeps me going.
  2. Wowee it's my birfday

    1. Mobbstar


      Happy barfday! (I will never forget that scene)

    2. Asparagus
    3. Michi01


      happy birfday

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  3. Today I experienced a miracle.


    1. GiddyGuy


      Well since I'm from the past it'll be a little longer till I see that "miracle".

    2. DragonMage156


      I'm from the future... yeah that moment isn't coming back to me ever again.

      Not that I care but I can always wait for the date 6/9/6969




      How would you even say that year btw? XD

    3. T4T3RGR3NAD3R


      Well, we say twenty sixteen, so I suppose we'd say sixty nine sixty nine. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  4. at first I thought this was the jjba pt 2 theme
  5. What size bra do you wear? I wear a potato cup.
  6. Oh look I have lost most of my follower friends ;_;

    1. Mobbstar


      It's sad that you only had to spend 15 mins doing that <.<

    2. Asparagus



      I search fast? <.<


    3. Mobbstar


      I don't have an address book.

      Or a terrible memory.

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  7. Everyone, I have an announcement: the procedure was a success. Finally, I can outwardly be who I really am inside. I hope you all can be accepting.
  8. wowee what a wild stream


  9. Any amount of nome which is more nome than we had previously is a better amount of nome than the nome we had previously.
  10. XD but I have no idea why. I didn't even notice it was your forum birthday until I finished it He defeated WX's Wolfgangs
  11. Some say I should finish my homework. They're probably right. But shhh. Dnak maymays.
  12. I don't remember exactly why I made this.