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  1. Here's a better idea- not doing that. Revealing specific rolls is a great way to target innocents who will preserve more innocents.
  2. Battal, that shot at getting people to reveal their rolls was about as smooth as sandpaper. I'm not so ready to vote, but I've got my eye on you...
  3. Tater stared at Chris with a look of shock. Two people were dead, and Chris was...offering him candy? "You...you sick son of a *****...there are people dying and we have no way to stop it. Anyone in this god forsaken house could be the killer, and anyone could be next. Death is the rule rather than the exception and you're just- YOOOO IS THAT A WERTHER'S ORIGINAL!?" Tater snatched the candy and gobbled it down, wrapper and all, filling the Ysulyan-shaped hole in his heart.
  4. Tater spread a white sheet across the wall. He held up a baggie of melon cubes, and crushed its contents to juice in his hands. He made a slight opening in the bag, then started swinging the bag about, spattering a trail of melon juice across his canvas with each swipe. When he was finished, there stood before him an image of Ysulyan's bowed head, dripping with melony sorrow. Melon-choly, if you will. Tater looked upon his creation and wept.
  5. Tater was...in a bad place. Nothing was right. He just spent a while staring out the barred window (is there a window?), silently.
  6. Tater looked around, seeing the distraught faces of his comrades. This gave him new resolve. He could not let himself break, and he could not let anyone else break. Those responsible would be found and brought to justice. In the meantime... "HEY YSUL! WANNA HAVE A SLUMBER PARTY!?"
  7. Tater had become almost desensitized. Death. Life. Death again. He hoped to find some escape, but wasn't sure he'd he able to live a notmal life. He considered a deep fryer funeral. He decided against it.
  8. I vote for soto IN THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION and also for death
  9. Tater remembered that he cremated Toast in the toaster. Tater laughed his bum off, but a single sticky melon tear rolled down his cheek.
  10. (Idk, if people would be interested I might do it. My streaming days have sort of been over for a while and I'm not sure if I can bring myself to get back to it.)
  11. Tater is lowkey salty about his murder, but accepts that death and resurrection are important steps to becoming Sexy Jesus, and thusly decides to humor the fuzzy shark child and return the gesture, in addition to providing an apple slice.
  12. Tater awoke. He was...alive! He was ready to do good with his second chance, and thus he cast away his baggie of melon cubes. He then started eating apple slices out of a tupperware container.
  13. Paul the Cat (left) and Sunshine the Cat (right)
  14. Lenny lennied softly. The Lennying was nearly upon them. (The Lennying was not actually nearly upon them, nor was it a thing at all, nor did Lenny exist in this rp.)
  15. Oh yeah, the forums...uh...hey guys, how's it going?

    1. PhelsarusBeel


      Not much going on I suppose.


      Abyss seems to have been stuck in limbo what means it's probably not going to continiue.


      Weirdo wants to start the MP version of his RP soon


      Mafia Season 2 is soon to happen.


      And I got pretty much addicted to streaming (^:


      And some minor stuff here and there.

    2. T4T3RGR3NAD3R


      >addicted to streaming

      niiiiiice! Carry the torch!

  16. Pleated shirts are super common drops and people keep getting them.