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  1. Wow... Bunch of annoying pricks in this Topic... Anyway, Great work Klei! You made my day, and maybe even month You can silence me for a week(abusing behaviour), Totally worth it!
  2. Thanks pals! It really made my day. DST is great thing! Because we doing it together with my friend!
  3. I didn't notice this. How could i? It was such a long while. Thanks.
  4. (I skip today... Soul just gathering shadows)
  5. Well. It's messy to search a Koalefant in the middle of the night. It's nice, I like it. Looks like Wilson see it first time, well, I hope he will be careful.
  6. Well, than do it. Choice is clear. Isn't I correct? Patch couldn't understand, what is wrong with Soul. (Good night. It's hard working day tomorrow, again.)
  7. (Well I though it's Ember turned evil. It could be a good plan actually.)
  8. Well. Learning isn't the best way to spend time with joy, even if you learn to do what you really love to do. I understand this. But as I can see it wasn't for nothing. And only one you actually enjoyed is really impressive. I hope you will get more of enjoyable projects and wish you that!
  9. You are welcome, Grey. Answered Soul. Faith? Hah... Hahah... Hahahahah. It wasn't you who saw it! - but after she turned Soul added: Well, maybe Ember is dead? But soon he end this conversion and return to Patch: Come to our fire, Patch. Soul made a fire and threw some extra wood: And take hat at least, jacket are on limit. - Soul gave hat to Patch. He dressed it up in moment. But didn't said thanks for some reason: What is wrong? Are you speechless? Soul were angry, because he didn't got a thanks. No.Patch answered shortly as he could, but it was enough. Oh, mother... Soul said it, just like he saw a monster in that moment. Patch decide to tell more about his new body. Yeah, Sami wasn't a big talker. I always though it because of those. Patch widely opened his mouth. His teeth were fangs. Sharp and scary, they belong to a predator, not a human being. Good guy. But one day he tried to eat my arm, he nearly did it. I was scared. I became a bird... I left the island behind. Erased my memory. Left him alone... But could just haunt some meat for him. I don't really know who was a monster at that day. And Draco, I'm tougher then you think.
  10. When Grey came to camp Soul were on half way to Patch, to bad he forgot wood for fire and that make him return. He saw Grey tried to sew and he used as much irony as he could. Pal, It's really a good day to learn how to sew, but lets do it after we will find Patch. Soul gave hat and jacket to Grey (they were for Patch, but Soul wasn't that afraid of cold. Come on, We should find Patch, who knows what is he now. Well, when he tried to finally go in the Patch direction, he saw an old friend. EMBER? WHAT THE?... - he said it loud, very loud, few seconds later he added, with angriness, but not that loud: You are dead! I saw you died! Something like this isn't a way to just disappear! He probably would like to continue, but he saw something, which made him say something else: Not now, looks like Patch returned. Sixteen year old boy with pure white hair even eyebrows(which actually thick), and a brown colour eye, second one were hid under the patch. He has almond-shaped brown eyes and European facial features. He slowly were going to the group. This weather were two cold for a boy. He were shivered from the cold. (I don't really have enough time to fix errors, so... Sorry)
  11. (Oh, you can continue torturing Soul. Even more I would like you to do it. But, problem is, now it's harder. Someone really should die to do it. Not disappear in shadows, like Emma or Ember did.)
  12. (What an effect it should cause? Let's think together. You lost a character, again. You were using the same way, which actually were called save for life. Even this destroy a whole idea. Even more, probably only Draco saw it, or maybe he didn't. So, it could been an effective way to make us react, but in the fact it's nothing. She just disappear. No drama...)
  13. (he isn't in the camp by the way, just saying)