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  1. I like this idea. I think that several should be located underground, too. It would be important for Klei to balance this though.
  2. I kinda wish there would be a level of insanity where there are nightmare creatures that will attack you, but they aren't as strong as the ones that exist now. Kind of like how at one level, every rabbit turns into a beardling, and then the one im suggesting, then those two big guys start showing up and wreaking face.
  3. The thing that really drew me to this game is when the original insanity update came out. I thought it added a huge level of creepiness that made it resemble the Tim Burton art style. It still somewhat has it, but I think that there should be more of that added to the game. In particular, I LOVED how creepy and anxious the shadow hands make you feel. And that music........ More of that sort of stuff please! I want going insane to be scary! Just like it is for the character. Also liked that little nightmare guy who runs away from you. I forget his name, but seeing him out of the corner of my eye gave me some real chills at first.