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  1. Here is the log: scripts/modindex. lua(206,1) Error loading mod: satori (satori)! api_version for satori is in the future, please set to the current version. (api_version is version 5, game is version 4.) (Thats the log, right? im really ignorant when it comes to computers ._.U) Okay I think the problem is kinda self explanatory, it seems that I need to update my game, but im sure I have ''All's Well That Maxwell'' version, whitch is the version this mod is for, right? Should I update the game anyway?
  2. This mod sounds great! sadly, when I try to enable it, the game disebles it by itself, says its crashed I hope you can fix it, I really want to try it out! Also I have a question, will the tamed beefalos attack the player in mating season?
  3. Aw man, it crashed! I hope you can fix it, I really think it would be a great mod!