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  1. Wait, dragonfly was the hardest? I killed it quite easily, I'm just having trouble with the bearger
  2. BTW, I tried to lead them to a bee mine field, and I was surprised. Guess what happened whisper: don't try it
  3. Only real men fight them alone. Get 3 log suits(or something better), 3 football helmets (or shelmet), two weapons of your choice and go leeroy Jenkins. I advice you to get at least 10 salves/ jerky/honey poultice. To kill them, attack between aoe(2-3 hits), tank their swings. This is important: dodge their charge, hurricane etc and wait for an opening.
  4. K, then it is probably luck for the last try. DO keep in mind, neutral mobs can now summon krampus by killing catcoon.You guys many want to change that.
  5. They buffed the drop rate of krampus sack, it used to be 1%
  6. I have found the reason why the drop rate is so high. After the patch that gives ratcoon a crazy spawn rate, the mobs can now attack catcoon(since it is considered innocent and it is aggressive against spiders) and spawn krampus. You can kill the krampus spawned this way to get 100% krampus sack. I tried this. If it is spawned by the player, the drop rate becomes minimum. Pool of 36 krampus was colllected and one dropped(2.7%)
  7. It is me or is the drop rate so high that I get three of them in day 41? Can someone confirm the drop rate plz? Here is the screenshot of two at the same time(the other one is in the map somewhere):
  8. I don't know about you guys, I find lots of things to do late game. Three sink holes+ three ruins always keep myself busy late game. The things you guys mentioned are similar to the pseudoscience station(recipes and what not). Even if you are so bored at, let's say turtle in your own base, you can still replay the adventure mode. Last resort for obliterating your boredom is simple: move to another world, you wuss.