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  1. Personally I really enjoy Wigfrid's combat abilities. They should never be touched. Why do I say this. Well personally I am a explorer not a spend 50 days building up a huge camp kind of guy. She is a character that finally fills this niche in the game. To take away or nerf these abilities would take her explore type abilities. Most characters/if not all needs a home base that is well built up to nurse low HP, to keep fed, and regain sanity. You end up fearing fights. With Wigfrid you do not have to have that home base your lifeblood is in exploring and killing. You can make things easy mode by building one. If balancing was to be done I would like it to come as creative ways. Like if to many character made structures are around she starts losing HP or hunger.(think of some creative reason why) Creating none weapon/armor type items causes her to lose HP because she hurts herself.(has the skills of those guys from step brothers) So personally I would rather see creative methods to balancing her. Nerfing her abilities will take away from the fun of aggressive exploring. To many characters are oriented around farming to create a successful survival environment.
  2. How do you unlock Wigfrid is it exp or do I need to do something?