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  1. Too bad i dont have tall birds on my world
  2. Setting is on default, i really cant find him anyware
  3. Hello im on day 300 now and bearger doesnt spawn in my world . I dont understand why he isnt spawning
  4. Hello , when this update come to the ps4 will we also need to start a new world ?
  5. Can the devs please pleasee please make something to fill up a cave hole , the bats are making my crazyyy
  6. Yeah thanks that worked for me too !!
  7. Is it possible to set a server ofline and then later online ?
  8. I dont think it is multiplayer but it isnt also only a new character
  9. I dont think rog will be the last dlc
  10. What is everybody waiting on exactly ?
  11. i dont like the idea of dont starve ending.. i think most likley they will ad story bits just like you said @ 9wpuv but i think they will come with something big but what ? a shadow wilson so he is not alone anymore ?
  12. maybe they gonna ad something to the ruins ? ( forgotten knowlogde ) also i think there is gonna come a new clockwork what do you guys think this puzzle is gonna bring us ?