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  1. Hmm then I remember it wrong. Thanks for the research
  2. I do think the visuals are lacking but as you can clearly see in the video the clicking is just re-rolling stats on the planet and the multiple times clicking causing the mouse to slightly go to the side more where the area for switching to a another world is. So my guess why you think it was working fine before is because you used to click more to the right or the left instead of close to the current selected world. This has been the same since LU became public testing. This in turn makes the visuals post even more needed.
  3. This has been since the day they are introduced into the game and I currently do not believe its a bug since the new added pips behave the same. Besides this you must not forget that they only eat plants that are at 25% or higher (not 100% sure that its 25% but it is for the pip and it is some where in that area.)
  4. Colony Summary Screen bugged still

    Besides this bug you can see a second bug in your screen shot which is that the summary stops tracking after day 250. I add it to this post as you can clearly see it and it is the same category as your title which states summary screen bugged.