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  1. Thank you, I think that worked, but I'll do further testing to make sure! 2. That works just fine, thank you very much! 1. I deleted that line but it still caused a crash without text upon booting up the server with the mod on it.
  2. 1. I tried doing a FOODTYPE.SHADOW = "NIGHTMAREFUEL" inst.components.eater:SetDiet( { FOODGROUP.OMNI }, { FOODTYPE.SHADOW } ) inst.components.eater:SetCanEatShadow() inst.components.eater:SetOnEatFn( oneat ) but it just ended up crashing the game. 2. What would be the code for the buff? Is it similar to inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = # 3. That's alright, thank you! 4. That's perfect! That completely fixed it and it's working like a charm. Many thanks for your help so far!
  3. Hello! I was wondering if I could get some assistance on a few perks. * How can you consume a normally non-consumable item and get your character to gain health from it such as Dark Petals? * Make it so your character has more/less natural protection due to the more or less hunger they have. i.e if a character was at 130/150 hunger they'd get a 25% buff from damage, but if they were at 15/150 hunger they'd take 30% more damage. * Can you inversely insulate a beard? i.e cools you in summer and winter instead of providing cold protection in winter * Instantly die at 0 hunger. Also I was working on making it so the character has increased damage at night, normal damage at dusk, and less damage in the day but the code I was using doesn't seem to work for DST. It gives me the following error: I've uploaded a copy of the mod down below. Any help at all would be very appreciated!
  4. Thank you very much that seems to have done the trick!
  5. Hello, I've been working on a Shadow Wilson mod for a few days and everything seems to be in order, except for the custom axe I'm trying to make. I made a recipe for it and placed the recipe in the game, but the image for the axe won't show up in game and when you try to create the item it just takes your ingredients and the log notes that it can't find the prefab for the item. The game boots up just fine and the long configuration text from the mod tools at boot-up doesn't show any errors. I've included a .zip for the mod but if you need individual files instead let me know. Help would really be appreciated! shadowwilson