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  1. 10 minutes ago, Fidooop said:

    Hey, everyone... Just pretend the troll doesn't exist and continue on with your lives! The more you feed the troll the larger he gets and the more difficult he is to deal with and the more toxic the environment gets! I'm sure @JoeW's magnificent bee wrath will show up in due time ;)


    (And to put my 2 cents in... There's a reason why this is called "Island Adventures" Because Kzisor's putting his own twist on things and it isn't 100% a perfect replica of SW! He's trying to not only port it but apply fixes and changes to it all as well!)

    I agree. Let us call upon @JoeW to purge this troll!

    In other news, I'm totally looking forward to the mod. Keep up the good work, @Kzisor.

  2. 13 minutes ago, Walter0 said:

    I am very glad to see it! We all like roses! < : D

    Would you like to draw something for me, maybe? But if don't, you must say no, okay? 

    He is like fusion between rose and evil flower... Only him: 


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    I call him Rosé.

    Well, in the future, I'll definitely be willing to do it. I've just got a lot of work to finish before I can start these custom character portraits again... sorry for the inconvenience >_<

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  3. 6 hours ago, Mobbstar said:

    Halloween Erik would be a reference to Edward Scissorhands, I guess. They are both edgy.

    Rose Erik sounds very pleasant :)

    Was originally planning for a vampire... then I noticed that all the characters were dressed as things from the game, so I chose a bunnyman! Because they're cute and deadly! Just like me!

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