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  1. Sadly minotaur still doesn't respawn.... EDIT: Doing further testing... EDIT: Yes! It works! You are a miracle worker! Also the cooldown works like a charm. Is there a way to make a quote take place after 2 seconds? (I made custom quotes when you respawn and because I want it to take place right after you get resurrected somewhat 2.33 seconds it is because when someone gives you heart/haunt amulet the quote plays while you are still a ghost/while you are levitating [when you haunt amulet you levitate for a little bit] I want it to take place 2.33 seconds AFTER you get resurrected, thanks again) Thanks a bunch.
  2. You should always double maybe even triple NO even quadruple check modmain.lua and modinfo.lua before you try to upload it I've made this mistake many times T_T Just a friendly tip.
  3. Uhm I did some testing and the minotaur will only respawn in 20 days IF you are in the caves if you are on the overworld and 20 days passes it won't affect the minotaur respawn at all so it means he won't respawn if players are on the overworld.
  4. You sir! Are a true helper of this community. I thank ye. We all thank ye. You deserve those 1863 total reputations.
  5. Hello and good day to everyone. I am in need of making Minotaur respawn every 20 days (9,600 total_day_time, 288,000 seg_time I think) Currently if I'm not wrong Ancient Guardian doesn't respawn so when he dies he stays dead forever. Other than than that I wanna change the minotaur's chest loot. Also is it possible when a character is on fire you can make a quote where Wilson for instant says "I'm burning!" Willow "YES! Hug me flames!", etc And last one: how to make for instant when a Houndious Shootious dies it has 25-25 chance to drop either a minotaur horn or a deerclops eyeball if a deerclops eyeball drops the horn will NOT drop and same opposite the other 50% will result into nothing dropping. Thanks very much, enjoy your day.
  6. Hello, I'm making a personal mod that tweaks a bunch of stuff that I want to change. I am in need of help from someone to tell me how I can change lets say... Warg's loot drop, how do I make that? I also need help tweaking Wickerbottom's book durability so all her books have 10 uses. Thank you.
  7. I'm making a small mod evolving night what I need help coding is: Making charlie's damage be 9999999999999991 Tune sanity loss when on darkness Tune sanity loss when it's night/dusk Most Important: Make shadow hands ALWAYS appear at night! No matter what your sanity is 1-2 Hands spawn every 8-14 seconds. Bonus: Make Shadow Watcher/Skits always be there without leaving UNLESS day comes. I will OF COURSE give 100% Credits to all who can give me the code. Or in general help me. Edit: Need help how to add a x5 to all negative sanity auras and a x0.2 to all positive sanity auras I'm pretty new to coding so I really need some help...
  8. I don't like that catcoon much, I wanna stick with my dropped spider sack it's' so much better!
  9. Can you elaborate? I don't know what you mean by that. Like this: All black but White mouth/Eyes Thank you!
  10. I am trying to 'draw' some fan art (with hand) for Don't Starve (May upload them later...) I need help with: Any tips/tricks to draw Maxwell's obnoxious head perfectly? (Medium Important) Back/Front/Side Any tips/tricks to draw Wilbur's head and mouth/chin perfectly? (Least Important) Back/Front/Side Any tips/tricks to draw Warly's head perfectly? (Most Important) Back/Front/Side Any tips/tricks to draw Wes' head? (Medium Important) Back/Front/Side (Fronts most important) Somewhat like Cassie/Blob did (Huge thanks to Cassie/Blob teaching me how to draw Wilson's hair!): Somewhat like that you can assist me with the heads I asked above. Any "pencil" recommendations to draw scribbled lines? Or overall tips to draw some nice scribble lines. I'm trying to make Wes bend over sideways like he's giving something to a short person (Bend knees and hand must be touching knees) If someone can give me a 'general' idea. Hard: Anyone knows how to draw WITH hand a scribbled black face BUT i want white eyes/mouth/nose features... (I don't think it's possible!) I hope someone can help me, Thanks overall though.
  11. Oh my god, i finally learned how to draw Wilson's demon hair!
  12. Willowmaker is my favorite, thanks <default> I don't know why people hate her, she is wonderful person, yes she may have a taste on setting stuff on fire but deep down she wants to help others and be loved by them.
  13. Can you make a Maxwell alone near a campfire crying? (because he is lonely)
  14. What else could they have added secretly?..
  15. Must i restart my world for the new world settings to take place? Cause ive already made a server 2 days ago and i didnt know how to change world gen and its all in "default"