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  1. I don't mean to be rude but, what does this art have to do with Don't Starve?
  2. With the Abigail tweak you'll finally be able to play with Wendy without having to fear Abigail is gonna go all crazy against a spider army of 600
  3. Hello everyone, I require help with making some tweaks with some characters (this is for a personal mod, but I MAY release it...) Wolfgang: When his hunger is: 76% - 100% = From +10% (76%) Up to +40% (100%) Faster mining and chopping speed. 40% - 75% = From 0% (40%) Up to +10% (75%) Normal mining/chopping speed. 39% - 0% = From 0% (39%) Down to -20% Slower mining and chopping speed. When hunger reaches 0 = he loses a lot more health (-5 per 2 seconds) Wes: His balloons give a +0.75 sanity per minute (the more balloons the more sanity gain) The radius is as big as 1 turf. Sanity Loss = Increased Speed: The bigger the sanity loss the bigger Wes' speed is, so: He gains a 5% speed bonus based on the sanity loss of every 10 sanity so if near a spider and he loses -25 sanity per minute that means that he gains 25/10 = 2.5, the 5% of 2.5 = 0.125, so he gains a +0.125 speed (the maximum speed he can get is 1.50 because bearger's sanity loss is 400 and if I made it so he has no speed limit he will gain +2 speed [3.00 speed] which is insanely fast!) Also the night/ dusk/ darkness/ evil flowers sanity loss does not effect the speed gain! WX-78 WX-78 can eat Electrical Doodads for +30 health, he can also eat frazzled wires for +50 health and +20 sanity (perfect for the ruins) Wickerbottom New Book: Space and planets: Costs 2 papyrus 3 moon rock nuggets Spawns 10-15 meteors near the player and has a 5% chance for a moon boulder to appear on every hit. Scrapped cause I can't draw. Webber: Spiders and spider warriors that are Webber's friends will not eat anything from the floor. Wendy: I wanna do something special for Abigail: I want to be able when I Right-Click her to change her status: But if you click Alt or Ctrl it will "remove" (temporarily while you have either one of those buttons pressed) the "Change Status" option and have the normal Examine / Attack / Walk To options. 1. Passive Abigail (She won't attack any creature at all! No matter what happens) 2. Aggressive Abigail (She will attack anything that gets close to her or anything that attack Wendy) 3. Protective Abigail (She will attack anything that hurts Wendy) The status will appear when you hover your cursor over her name, so instead of Abigail it will say: "Examine Aggressive Abigail" "Examine Protective Abigail" "Examine Passive Abigail", etc. Thanks overall. I hope someone can help me.
  4. I need a Maxwell or Willow or Wilson cursor pack O_O
  5. Hello everyone, I always hated the fact that lights out has never been improved. So, I'm planning on making a mod that changes light out so it's more fun and of course I require help. 1: Birds Birds in light out never spawn which kinda bothers me because there are no seeds for farms! So I wanna find out how to make birds spawn but they will be 20% rarer 2: Farms Farms on lights out will wither after 2 days! I wanna know how to make farms grow normally in the dark (this will surely affect caves as well but whatever) Also flowers shouldn't wither at night. 3: Pig King Pig king sleeps at night like normal and trinkets are now useless. I wanna make pig king be awake the first half of the night and then the other half he will sleep. 4: Beefalos, rabbits, bees, butterflies, gobbler, krampus, tallbird, giants, varg. Now, I want 75% of the beefalos to be awake and 25% to be sleeping (So most of them are like "keeping watch" and the others are resting) If the above isn't possible then all beefalos should be awake at night. I want rabbits,bees,killer bees,butterflies,gobbler,tallbird,giants,varg, McTusk, volt goat, hounds,pengull,buzzard aka most of the animals to spawn/work/wonder normally in the dark (and all of those animals are immune to sleep EXCEPT PAN FLUTE) Krampus is immune to sleep EVEN with a pan flute. Pigmen, all pigmen will be awake at night and if possible they will all carry infinite miner hats on their heads. (That cannot be stolen and you are unable to give any kind of hats to them!) If that is impossible then all pigmen are awake at night and they don't fear the dark. Thank you.
  6. Hello everyone. I'm planning on making a Waverly mod, I require help with a artistic hand to draw her and her assets: Her stats: Health - 135 Hunger - 150 Sanity: 175 She gains sanity from negative sources (+4.5 [Merms, tentacles, evil flower, etc etc]), gain no sanity from hats/positive auras (flowers giver her 0 sanity, but evil flowers give her +10 sanity) She starts with a Witch hat which is the only item that gives her sanity (+2.55 per min) lasts for 6 days can be crafted for 4 silk, 2 spider gland She also has a witch cauldron (a black eerie reskin of Warly's portable crock pot) if she tried to cook any food in the cauldron it will 100% be wet goop (Art on this) With her Witch cauldron she can cook potions (which she can drink and force-feed others) Potions: Health Potion: When drank: +55 health, -5 sanity, -5 hunger Can be cooked with 1 red caps 1 twig 1 ice 1 butterfly wing Takes 35 seconds to be cooked in cauldron Sanity Potion: When drank +65 sanity, +0 health, -10 hunger Can be cooked with 2 green caps 1 twig 1 (Any fruit) Any negative sources will be lowered by 50% (So for example: near spider you lose 12.5 sanity [Normal = 25]) All positive sources will be lowered by 25% as well. Takes 45 seconds to be cooked on cauldron Strength Potion: When drank character deals 2.5 damage +15 Speed (Wolfgang/Wigfrid don't get extra damage) - 25 Sanity, -10 Hunger Duration: 30 seconds Can be cooked with 2 (vegetables) 1 twig 1 glommer goop Takes 1 minute to be cooked on cauldron Acid Potion: She can throw at enemies making them lose 75 sanity and -5 per 2 seconds for 10 seconds (-25 damage [100 damage overall]) it's a splash damage so it's great for a group of enemies Can be cooked with 1 spear 1 monster meat 1 durian 1 mosquito (catched) Reflection Potion When drank 50% attack enemies deal will be reflected into them (you still take 100% damage from the attack armor doesn't count the reflection) Duration: 20 seconds Can be cooked with 1 crow feather 1 ice 1 hound tooth 1 pig skin Nightvision Potion: When drank you gain night vision (like moggles) Duration: 35 seconds Can be cooked with 2 moleworms 1 twig 1 blue cap Takes 1:30 minutes to be cooked on cauldron Intelligence Potion: When drank unlocks all recipes but you can craft only one item (you still require all of the resources for that item) -50 sanity +0 hunger. Can be cooked with 1 phelgm 1 eel 1 nightmare fuel 1 gold nugget No one else can use her cauldron but they can pick it up (so it can be moved) Spiders/Hounds/Merms/Tentacles don't attack her unless engaged. Pigmen will not follow her and they won't eat anything she gives them If she eats glommer goop she gains +50 health +25 sanity and +10 hunger (only her) I got no idea how to mod this character so I need: A person to make her art+assets/etc A person to make her code/code for cauldron/Witch hat,etc I'll give 100% credit to the persons who helped with the code and art. This is more of a concept of a character cause if this isn't going to be "my" mod cause those 2 persons who will help with art+code will have done ALL the work.
  7. Alas, my knowledge for modding is very weak, I'm a very slow learner as well, which means if I tried alone to make it it could take "HALF-LIFE 3" years.
  8. I'll try it out EDIT: Doesn't appear to work, the server launches perfectly and I watched 2 days passed with no conversation. I'm thinking of discontinuing this mod due to the lack of knowledge. Thanks anyway
  9. Hmmmm... if I removed 'master' by that I mean if there is a couple (Wilson+Maxwell) instead of choosing "who is master of the conversation" it'll just pick 1/10 conversations for wilson_and_maxwell conversation: So there are 10 quotes for wilson and maxwell conv, 10 quotes for wilson+willow, 10 quotes for wilson+wolfgang,etc,etc,etc It'll first: make alot less quotes 50% less which works for me honestly I never thought i'd have to write 8,800 lines o_o And second: I hope the coding will be easier?
  10. You don't have to be idle, the conversation will start anywhere (witin 3-4 turfs close the characters are, if the character is sleeping/fighting/in the darkness [the conversation will be paused if it's already taking place and when he is done sleeping/fighting/in the darkness the character who was last talking will say "As I was saying..."] OR if 1/2 players left the 3-4 turf area [then the conversation will END]. If there are 3 players for instant lets say: if 1/3 is fighting he WON'T take part on the conversation so it's left with 2 players then the game will choose the 'master' of the conversation those 2 players will have[the person who starts the conversation] if one of the 2 players start to fight/sleep/head into darkness the conversation will be paused [Unless HE leaves the 3 turfs area then the conversation will END] and will continue once he's done sleeping/left darkness/stopped fighting). Also the characters will be able to travel together so if the 2 players that are making the conversation start to BOTH walk towards the same kind of direction the conversation will not end. By the definition 'master' I mean which one will be the first who starts talking in this way there will be: (let's take example wilson and willow) If Wilson = "master" then conversation will be from_wilson_TO_willow and will pick 1/10 conversation WILSON has for WILLOW If Willow = "master" then conversation will be from_willow_TO_wilson and will pick 1/10 conversation WILLOW has for WILSON
  11. Hopefully someone like @DarkXero will help us with this mod. I almost finished Wilson as 'master' of the conversation with almost 800+ lines O_O this is gonna take a long time So in total there will be: 8,800 LINES AT LEAST. Holy potato cups! With the code it's gonna be long x_x Also @Arlesienne If you can tell me your steam name so I can add you, I'll need your help for sure. EDIT: I'll put the quotes on hold until someone helps us with the code, if that doesn't happen I would've wasted a lot of time with the lines.
  12. -- Wilson's conversation as "master": ------------ With: WX-78: 1. Wilson: "I would love to tear you apart and check your functions right now!" WX-78: "I WILL ENABLE MY SELF-DESTRUCT THEN" Wilson: "Come on, don't do that!" WX-78: "TO LATE" Wilson: "Damn you!" WX-78: "HA-HA-HA" 2. Wilson: "So someone build you right?" WX-78: "CORRECT" Wilson: "If he was so smart why didn't he make you waterproof?" WX-78: "I DON'T KNOW WHY ARE YOU A HUMAN?" Wilson: "Because I was born this way?" WX-78: "AND YOU'LL DIE JUST AS EASILY, WHILE I CAN SURVIVE FOREVER" Wilson: "Not if I throw waterballoons at you." WX-78: "TOUCHE" 3. Wilson: "If ice melts inside you, wouldn't you malfunction?" WX-78: "I. DONT. KNOW." Wilson: "Unless your mechanism used the ice as fuel somehow." WX-78: "YOU ARE OBNOXIOUS, I WISH I COULD OBLITERATE YOU" Wilson: "'Exterminate'." 4. Wilson: "How does 'ingesting' gears enhance your mechanisms?" WX-78: "I HAVE A HIGHLY-INTELLIGENT SELF-ACTIVATING MECHANISM" Wilson: "Are you being sarcastic?" WX-78: "YES, YOU STUPID HUMAN" 5. Wilson: "I wonder if you're intelligent as well." WX-78: "YES, I AM, AT LEAST SMARTER THAN YOU" Wilson: "Okay, what's the meaning of life?" WX-78: "PROCESSING... 42" Wilson: "'42'? That's not a good answer!" WX-78: "YOU TAKE WHAT YOU ASKED"
  13. -- Wilson's conversation as "master": ------------ With: WOLFGANG: 1. Wilson: "You know, eating food will not make you strong, but FAT." Wolfgang: "Haha! Tiny scientist man is funny man!" Wilson: "No. I'm serious, I'm worried about your health." Wolfgang: "Wolfgang is healthy enough. Eating food is good for muscles" Wilson: "Uhm.. eating to much will result in fatness" Wolfgang: "Silly scientist man." 2. Wilson: "That's a huge mustache you got there!" Wolfgang: "I has big hair on face." Wilson: "But I grow a big beard, HA!" Wolfgang: "Beard? Hahaha. Beard looks ridiculous." Wilson: "And there goes my self-esteem..." 3. Wilson: "Where did you use to work?" Wolfgang: "I was in big circus!" Wilson: "Hahaha!" Wolfgang: "What is funny?" Wilson: "From all the jobs you could find why a circus?" Wolfgang: "Cause I could lift a elephant with one hand." Wilson: "That's impressive. How much did your salary lift? Hahaha!" 4. Wilson: "So.. you like science?" Wolfgang: "Science make Wolfgang head hurt." Wilson: "Seriously?" Wolfgang: "Science is for brainiacs and fighting is for strong men like ME!" Wilson: "But with science you ca-" Wolfgang: "Stop talking about science!" 5. Wilson: "How much can you lift?" Wolfgang: "Up to 1,269 pounds!" Wilson: "Really!? That's one pound more than the world's heaviest weight ever lifted!" Wolfgang: "Impressed little man?" Wilson: "Not really."
  14. Those are 5/10 convs. I will only sent 5 of each for WILSON as "master" only. So I don't spoil much.
  15. First quotes are done as Wilson the "master" of the conversation and Willow the target: -- Wilson's conversation as "master": ------------ With: WILLOW: 1. Wilson: "Hi Willow. I gotta ask, why do you like burning stuff?" Willow: "I love the color of the flames! They are so beautiful, gives a smile on my face. Why you ask?" Wilson: "Uhm.. No particular reason, how are you able to resist the burning on your body?" Willow: "Well.. I just have a way with fire I suppose. My skin is used to it, barely feel anything." Wilson: "That sounds.. impossible..." Willow: "Nothing is impossible if you.. BELIEVE!" Wilson: "..." 2. Wilson: "Willow? Did you burn anything again?" Willow: "Maybe..." Wilson: "I can smell smoke." Willow: "Maybe it was.. Uhm.. WX-78, you know how he hates nature and life." Wilson: "Maybe..." Willow: "Why are you looking at me like that?" 3. Wilson: "Do you like science?" Willow: "Hmm.. Not really." Wilson: "But it's fun! The possibilities are endless. You can create anything." Willow: "Yeah, can I burn it afterwards!?" Wilson: "Uh- Ye-Yeah sure?" Willow: "Awesome!" 4. Wilson: "I really like your hair." Willow: "Thanks. Your hair are sure... luxurious.." Wilson: "Uh... Well this got awkward." Willow: "..Yeah..." 5. Wilson: "I have ashes on my shirt!" Willow: "Really?" Wilson: "Did you try to burn my shirt?" Willow: "Me? Hah! No! Of course not!" Wilson: "Damn it Willow!" Willow: "Sorry.. I couldn't control myself."
  16. Yeah, That's a good idea 2-3 convs for each character with Wes i'll sure do and yours is gonna be one of Wilson 1/3 Also if you find anyone who is good at modding please tell him to help here. Thanks.
  17. Hopefully someone will help like DarkXero, he helped me before and he is a cool person.
  18. Hello everyone. I'm making a mod where each character make a conversation to each other. This is quite challenging and I'm having alot of trouble and headaches...oh god those headaches... What I'm TRYING to do is: If there are 2 character close to each other (distance 4-5 turfs away) there will make conversations to each other: Wilson: Hey Maxwell, how do you look so dapper all the time? Waxwell: This? I can only tell you it surely ain't dark magic... It takes a lot of work and effort. Wilson: Okay?... Can I borrow one of your three-piece suits? Waxwell: Uh... no... I don't want you to damage them. Wilson: Oh come on! Waxwell: No! That's final! The duration won't be long 5-6 Quotes each conv. each quote played by a character while they make a conversation will be 2-3 seconds long (When %CHARACTER1% says his part of the conversation the %CHARACTER2% will speak 2 seconds afterwards maybe 3 we'll see what works... or else the quotes will all play together and look like a mess) Like this: Wilson: 2-3 seconds pause until next one speaks start from here RIGHT off the character speaks "Hi Willow!" Willow After those 2-3 seconds passed willow continues conversation "Hi Wilson." During fight the conversation will be put on hold. If a conversation was taking place and mid-conversation a fightning takes places they will stop talking and start fighting after the fighting is over they will say "As I was saying..." "I was saying..." "Where was I? Ah yes..." "What I was saying is..." And will continue where they left off. If at night the same thing will happen if you're in darkness the conversation will stop and after they find light they say: "As I was saying..." "I was saying..." "Where was I? Ah yes..." "What I was saying is..." The conversation will take place after 4 minutes each conversation that ended. If there are 3+ characters it will randomly choose two randoms (Wendy, Waxwell, Wickerbottom it chooses for intstant randomly Waxwell and Wendy and they make conversation [Wendy+Waxwell conversation] and Wickerbottom should be silent throughout the whole conversation [So SHE doesn't cause problems and start making conversation to Waxwell and everything feels awkwards] If there are 4 characters they make conversation to each other (Wendy,Wilson,Willow,Wolfgang: Wolfgang+Willow, Wendy+Wilson.) If there are 5+ chracters same as with 3+ (Wilson, Willow, Wickerbottom, Wendy, WX-78: Wilson+Willow, wickerbottom+wendy, wx-78 is left silent) If someone goes off area the 3 tufts the conversation will stop (and maybe the one who left the user who walked most away will say something like "Bye." while the other one who was standing still or didn't walk away will say "What did I say?" I'm planning on making 10 quotes for each combination: (Gonna take a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time but I will enjoy it...) Wilson+Willow/Wolfgang/Other Wilson/Waxwell/WX-78/Wickerbottom/Wendy/Wigfrid/Webber/Woodie Wes' conversation is gonna be diffirent: He will do hes mime moves and others will say "Okay?" "What?" "What are you trying to say?" "Uhm... okay?",etc This is probably impossible to make but if it happens I bet it would be worth it... I really need someone to help me... thank you for reading my post at least... Enjoy your day. This mod has been discontinued due to the lack of knowledge for modding. If anyone wants to pick this mod and continue off I'll be glad to give my support. Thanks for everyone who supported me, but I'm not able to make this mod.
  19. Sadly minotaur still doesn't respawn.... EDIT: Doing further testing... EDIT: Yes! It works! You are a miracle worker! Also the cooldown works like a charm. Is there a way to make a quote take place after 2 seconds? (I made custom quotes when you respawn and because I want it to take place right after you get resurrected somewhat 2.33 seconds it is because when someone gives you heart/haunt amulet the quote plays while you are still a ghost/while you are levitating [when you haunt amulet you levitate for a little bit] I want it to take place 2.33 seconds AFTER you get resurrected, thanks again) Thanks a bunch.
  20. You should always double maybe even triple NO even quadruple check modmain.lua and modinfo.lua before you try to upload it I've made this mistake many times T_T Just a friendly tip.