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  1. On 19/10/2016 at 8:00 PM, Arlesienne said:

    It's a gory varg song!

    Come, come, seekers of dawn,
    First wint'ry vargs are a-haunting
    Come, come, innocent pawn,
    Don't leave my darlings still wanting

    Come, come, where'er ye roam
    First wint'ry snow is a-falling
    Come, come, far from yer home
    Chilled to the bone, slowly crawling

    Come, come, relentless drone
    Rules of the game go a-broaching
    Come, come, shiver and moan
    Beasts of sheer legend approaching

    Come, come, blood upon stone
    Darkest of magic empow'ring
    Come, come, reap what ye've sown
    Fangs of this winter devouring

    So this goes here just because my Project Rosebud players want vargs when Wes joins (you know, two badass species) and I'm running out of space on DA. Sorry!

    Partially inspired by this tune of Grechuta's.


  2. 9 minutes ago, Kzisor said:

    I wanted to give a mid-week update.

    This week as I was porting over a large number of prefabs, I found myself constantly rewriting the same code over and over. This is extremely inefficient, so I decided to create a framework for developing prefabs.

    I have most of the framework completed for creating the prefabs and adding the components very quickly for non-equipable items and non-structures. This means I will be able to port the remaining prefabs over lightning fast. I will also release the framework with the alpha test and the content portion of the mod will require it. Anyone will be able to use this framework to quickly make prefabs once it is released, it will be a separate mod.

    I'm probably the only person who loves SW in DS. I'm so excited to see it on DST!

  3. 2 hours ago, PanAzej said:


    Wickerbottom's book Spine-chilling Tales is in the game and working.

    Freezes all freezable mobs in the area, freezes nearby ponds (for 12 seconds), freezes icebergs, puts out fires and lowers temperature of nearby players.

    Freezes players only if PvP is enabled.

    Craftable with 2 Papyrus, 1 Blue Gem and 4 Nightmare Fuel in the Festive Tab. Festive Tab can be accessed only during Winter, using the new prototyper, Festivizer (coming in near future).

    3 uses. Consumes 50 sanity per use.

    This'll be great to use with Dragonfly's lavaes!

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  4. 7 minutes ago, Kzisor said:

    @Chris1488, @Fidooop, rough draft. Finally finished writing the world generation for islands today. Still working on distance between islands. However, islands are much larger in the DST port compared to in Shipwrecked. Once I get water biomes and set pieces spawning, you'll have plenty to explore.

    A few notes, island world generation takes no longer than current generation, lag is almost non-existent with just  the tiles added. There still needs to be waves and water fx added, but ultimately its a slow process. I've got the ability to quickly port the other turf, but have not done so until I get water biomes and set pieces added. I have not started on the boats, nor have I thought about what happens when your at sea and leave.

    Caves WILL be compatible, right?