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  1. Incredibly meticulous work, Rinkusan! I'm certain now this is how Abigail died. Thank-you for your detailed presentation and all of the hard work and research you put into it.
  2. Goodness gracious, is that a Bee Mine skin I see? Sweet heavens... I can die happy now... Good night sweet prince: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!
  3. I'm having the same problem, music on 10 and it's still incredibly low, even though Ambient and Sound FX is on 4 and loud enough.
  4. Screenshot: How it happened: I was in Hamlet as Wheeler, I reconstructed the Stone Thing with all the 4 Things and used it to start World 2 What I was carrying was: 10-12 bundled wraps, a pith hat, a backpack, a Mant Mask, and her Pew-matic, with 10-20 stale seeds stored inside it. I selected Wheeler for my second world, after the world stopped generating I saw wheeler and the Maxameleon for half a second and then the crash appeared (as shown above). I am assuming the seeds stored inside the Pew-matic were the reason behind this crash? I hope you can fix this problem soon, as of now I am unable to play on my world. Thank you, Mathem99 Edit: Here is a screenshot of the crash with no mods enabled:
  5. Is the lava fire pit for a limited-time only? Does anyone know?
  7. "Delectable!" Warly savored this delicious meal! Really though it looks delicious!
  8. Is she? Where did the Developers or the Game mention that she is?
  9. This looks truly outstanding! I can't wait to see its full release! But, I wanna be a bit cheeky here and ask if we could possibly get any sneak-peeks at Maxwell's additions in this mod.
  10. Am I the only one who wants Wilson's face as an in-game mod? Please, deliver us this magnificent addition to the game!
  12. This is the original image: I think that Tencent is having some sort of Summer Themed Event and this image was like a promo... I need someone to verify to be sure though. The one I posted earlier is photo-shopped by me.
  13. I meant to post this image here, but put it in the Warly announcement post... Good job, me.
  14. I've met with the same problem, I hope Klei can fix it as soon as possible.
  15. I made my first meme! For full immersion play the video below:
  16. I am loving how Wheeler plays in Hamlet, her dodge skill can be a life saver, her Pew-matic horn is an excellent weapon, in my opinion, especially for those pesky birds and you finally have a use for stingers, her navigadget can be very useful in quite a few circumstances, like finding the Things (you can find the box thing with just a gnome trinket or a spear in your navigadget and it'll lead you to it, or in the ruins for the search of the Statues) her extra speed even if it is a small one is incredibly satisfying when exploring! Most of the times I choose to play Maxwell over any other character, but now with Wheeler I've found another character that I love as much as him! About Wormwood, I haven't played as him much so I cannot give a definitive opinion on my side. But from what little I've played he has quite an interesting challenge on his side with the no-health gained from food which I very much like, but I believe this will change in DST as poop is somewhat uncommon in comparison to Hamlet. His green thumb tab has quite a few interesting gadgets that make his playstyle unique, but he never really got stuck with me, I prefer Wheeler's playstyle over Wormwood. Maybe it's because Wheeler's gameplay is much more.. simple than Wormwood's and that is what I enjoy so much about her. That doesn't mean I hate Wormwood's character or his playstyle, quite the opposite, I like the challenge he brings and the unique pros he has and I have to agree that his lore is much more intriguing, I'm referring to the gem stuck in his torso, in comparison to Wheeler who just crashed in The Constant, her story is a bit mundane. Guess I can't and shouldn't complain, at least they're bringing Wormwood over to DST, maybe his changes on the multiplayer will get me playing him more often. I just hoped it would've been Wheeler, oh well, at least I can continue playing her on singleplayer!
  17. Am I the only one who likes Maybelle Dorothea Wheeler more than Wormwood or Wagstaff around here? I feel so lonely ;-;
  18. Equipping a backpack as Wheeler reveals both slots of the navigadget and pew-matic horn permanently the one on top of the other. Unless you equip and reequip both gadgets OR doing a quick restart these "bugged" slots will never disappear. Putting item(s) in the pew-matic horn and trying to grab it later from the "bugged" slot without the pew-matic horn being in your inventory results in a crash. Here's a screenshot of the crash: Another problem that occurs is you can put an item in the navigadget's "bugged" slot, even if it's not in your inventory, and you can later remove it once you pick up the navidaget from wherever you left it, this can be used as an exploit to save one extra save space.
  19. I hope this bug gets fixed quickly, it can get annoying.