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  1. 27 minutes ago, -Variant said:

    There's like, literally a million and 2 (exaggeration but there's a lot) of unused content, but I feel this in particular will spark interest.
    It's the Otter, the one that had the datamined sounds from like years ago!

    Have you found any unused Hamlet interior decorations? Like windows, columns, wall ornaments, chairs, lamps, etc. by any chance?

  2. 7 minutes ago, QuartzBeam said:

    Technically, it doesn't. Cause I did the math wrong back then. :P

    The good news: It's actually less than that.

    Plants need to spend 10% or more of each growth stage on wet soil. It doesn't matter how wet the soil is, so long as it's not completely dry. So if a particular growth stage lasts, for example, 1 day = 8 minutes = 480 seconds, the soil needs to be wet AKA not completely dry for more than 48 of those seconds.

    If you have 10 plants or fewer in the same tile, watering exactly once per stage should more than do the trick.

    Wow, crops need that little time on wet soil for them to be satisfied? Interesting.

    That means that Watermelons and Toma Roots need to spend 10% on each stage on wet soil, but on the plant registry those two crops have three water droplets on their "Water Consumption" does this just mean that these crops dry the ground moisture faster than any other crop, or does it play some other role with the ground moisture?

  3. On 11/28/2020 at 7:16 PM, QuartzBeam said:

    In regards to watering: Water each tile once in the seed stage, twice in the sprout stage, once in the small stage and once in the medium stage.

    I know I'm asking this from you months later, but does this stand for any kind of crops you grow? Because I usually water each tile up to 4 times so they are 100% full of water and that tends to empty my watering cans fast.

    If you don't need to water each tile so much [up to 100%] then how does the watering mechanic work for the crops? (If you have time to explain or direct me to another post you've already made explaining it)

    P.S. Do you have to water them more during Summer? Because I thought water dries faster during summer, requiring you to water them more often than any other season, and the exact opposite for Winter, but if I'm wrong then I haven't understood how the watering mechanic works.

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