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  1. The Fool Portrait: Wes's new mime animations: mime09: mime10: mime11: mime12: mime13: unused: Maxwell doing mime11:
  2. I don't know if someone has already posted the animations for the unimplemented rookboat and bishopboat, but here they are: Rookboat: Bishopboat: Here are also a player animation called "dodgejump", it looks similar to the animation used when jumping in a wormhole: Also an unused animation called player_sneaky: And last, another animation called "player_tornado", I have no idea what this is:
  3. I hope we get some sort of QoL update for DS someday, be it tomorrow or in a year. Repeated crafting and all other actions being repeated by clicking and holding the action button would be a blessing!
  4. Are you talking about Dark Tatters? (Code: ancient_remnant) If you're looking for the anim file it should be in: steamapps > common > dont_starve > data > DLC0003 > anim > ancient_remant If you're looking for the prefab file it should be in: steamapps > common > dont_starve > data > DLC0003 > scripts > prefabs > herald_tatters.lua
  5. Wow, crops need that little time on wet soil for them to be satisfied? Interesting. That means that Watermelons and Toma Roots need to spend 10% on each stage on wet soil, but on the plant registry those two crops have three water droplets on their "Water Consumption" does this just mean that these crops dry the ground moisture faster than any other crop, or does it play some other role with the ground moisture?
  6. I know I'm asking this from you months later, but does this stand for any kind of crops you grow? Because I usually water each tile up to 4 times so they are 100% full of water and that tends to empty my watering cans fast. If you don't need to water each tile so much [up to 100%] then how does the watering mechanic work for the crops? (If you have time to explain or direct me to another post you've already made explaining it) P.S. Do you have to water them more during Summer? Because I thought water dries faster during summer, requiring you to water them more often than any other season, and the exact opposite for Winter, but if I'm wrong then I haven't understood how the watering mechanic works.
  7. Wormwood makes farming so much easier!
  8. Thank goodness it was fixed, I don't have nearly enough salt licks for all these Beefalos!
  9. Two things I'm curious about is: 1) Did Wagstaff come in the constant by his own volition or did he strike a deal with Maxwell? Similarly to how Wilson and Wigfrid were tricked by Maxwell and what role does his creation (WX-78) play in his whole plan? 2) If I recall correctly Wheeler crashed her hot air balloon and became lost in The Constant, does that mean there are other ways for one to find themselves in The Constant that doesn't require a portal or striking a deal with Maxwell (Like Wigfrid does in her short)? if somebody theorizes that how she ended up in the constant is similar to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and she got sucked into a cyclone which resulted in her ending up in The Constant only raises more questions: are natural disasters capable of teleporting people into The Constant, if so to what extent? (Unless this "cyclone" wasn't natural but artificially made by Maxwell, if even possible, though we have no proof that he has that kinda power, other than projecting his face in the clouds like we see in Wilson's short). If the Wizard of Oz theory doesn't seem plausible at all then how she crashed her hot air balloon in The Constant still remains a mystery. If these questions seems out-of-place with the original author's post inform me so I can remove it and *maybe* make a new topic to ask.
  10. I'm fairly certain Wilson is holding a Mallard which are known for having a glossy green head, but that doesn't change the fact that the duck is indeed dead.
  11. I've managed (miraculously) to gather 30,004 points and much to my dismay I didn't get the Redbird yet. How many do you need for it?
  12. I think they look very nice, especially the second one, the style reminded me of Tintin for some odd reason... I hope I am not being too bothersome but how about Wes hugging Chester? That'd be cute.
  13. Low-quality art? You're not fooling anyone, these are amazing pieces of artwork! I can't wait to see what else you'll make in the future. I'll be keeping a close eye in this thread.
  14. Y'all know we need this over in Don't Starve (Singleplayer).
  15. I was looking through Crabby Hermit's speech file and I saw two peculiar strings that caught my eye: HERMITCRAB_PANICFIRE = {"Aaah! I will NOT be broiled!"}, HERMITCRAB_FIGHT = {{"You louse!","Bullying a sweet, innocent old lady like myself!"}}, Strings for fire and fight. Now, I'm rather curious does Crabby Hermit have... a death animation? Does anyone know? And if so, would it be too much trouble to post it here? Thanks in advance.
  16. I know this isn't a Don't Starve meme, but shush!
  17. Goodness gracious, is that a Bee Mine skin I see? Sweet heavens... I can die happy now... Good night sweet prince: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!