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  1. yo, i had to change a thing in the maxwell's memes page(555) that didn't sit well with me, your call if you want to remove your reaction to it

    1. mathem99


      I thought your original post was quite humorous.

      In relation to your change: I think it's funny as well. Also, thanks for notifying me of these changes. Not many people would go through so much trouble. Very decent of you.

    2. wigfrids hat

      wigfrids hat

      i did too then i realized not everyone would have the take away that wilson is the constant's no1 thirsty boi and might think he was not into a seven-way which gives my comment a very unwanted flavour, in the end it is better safe than sorry, as they say x''D


      i know i would feel crummy if i liked a post then it was changed to something else entirely so it is only right that i let people know

    3. bruhmoment23


      wait what did u post on that meme whats going on lol