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  1. 6 hours ago, Pyr0mrcow said:

    An update just released that removes the predictions option, so I'm guessing that's a temporary fix? Can't really test with the login servers being all weird at the moment.

    I removed the prediction option because it's no longer necessary. It was needed before because the moon phase actually changed when night fell, but now that there's the moondial, the moon phase changes when day breaks, so clients always have the information they need to display the right phase during day/dusk.

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  2. @ToNiO55 Yeah, looks like it's impossible to make a scarecrow at the moment. It's marked as TECH.LOST which means you can't unlock it with a prototyper, and that's what all the other special-blueprint recipes use. Scarecrows are not spawned by worldgen and there is no blueprint for them (yet?).

    My guess is that TECH.LOST might actually have been a mistake, seeing as converting crows to canaries isn't THAT useful (but the electric darts are still nice for, say, farming volt goats), and it's gated behind pumpkins anyway.

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  3. @ToNiO55 If the custom character does not have its icon named prefab.png (e.g. webber.png) then it won't load it on its own. Mods can set their icon in it by doing inst.components.maprevealable:SetIcon(iconname) in the master_postinit.

    Actually one of the silent changes of the beta, I think, is that the map icons now care about the file extension-- before if you had it as webber.tex, you could still ask for webber.png and get it. Now you have to ask for exactly what the atlas calls it, which for most mods will be .tex because that's what the autocompiler makes.

    Many mods also just use a different name for the prefab and icon, though, and there's not much the base game can do to support that beyond SetIcon. Unless they add a inst.MiniMapEntity:GetIcon()... which might be nice to have anyway.

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  4. 9 minutes ago, Lumina said:

    I guess that you could want to disable the compass effect (like i don't know, in some pvp) without having to drop the compass ?

    Well, there could be a few alternatives to this... putting it in a backpack could disable it... right-clicking could turn it on/off... Unfortunately the idea of being able to turn it on/off doesn't fit very well with the idea of a compass in the first place. Then again neither does its current function at all.

    I think maybe the better route is to leave the current compass as it is and have an upgraded version later that works from the inventory and can be activated/deactivated. The thulecite medallion would be a decent candidate, or it could be something entirely new (maybe the moonlenses would allow you to see people with the same color?).

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  5. @V2C I had a couple of questions about future map developments, if you have the time to answer...

    1. Map Table: I would really like to have (or mod in) something like a "map table", where a player could craft an item that dumps their current map data, and another player could read it to have it added to theirs. This sort of thing is... kind of? possible at the moment, by using the clients' TheWorld.Map:TileVisited() function, but it's super messy because it involves clients sending all visited tiles to the server. Is this sort of data accessible to the server-side MapExplorer? If so, could we get a function to query it?
    2. Map Performance: In the map refactor was performance of the map investigated? It's mainly an issue when using the Minimap HUD mod, but many players consider that to be a part of the core game. With partially-explored maps I can get FPS drops from 60 to 30 as a client, and with fully explored maps I often have to just keep the minimap closed to be able to play at all. This still seems to be an issue, so I hope that it might get a performance update as part of this wave of updates.
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  6. Well, I did get something similar-- a bunch of trees and grass in an area I hadn't explored. I didn't investigate thoroughly, though, because I assumed it was a side effect of the various things I tried to get my global map icons working in Global Positions.

    @EuedeAdodooedoe Well, I am telling him about bugs in a system that he's been actively working on the last few days. It's much easier for him to make a fix there because he's already familiarized himself with the code, while things like pengulls are, as Lumina mentioned, old bugs in components that he would have to spend some time to re-read to try to understand why it's going wrong.

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  7. @V2C I'm so happy to see functional map sharing now! Thanks for all the hard work making this wonderful new map, Vito. Fixing the flicker bug fixed the other one, you were right.

    I did notice another (very minor) bug while testing, though-- if I rejoin the server or c_reset() while a player is a ghost, their map loses fog in the areas they've already explored, but fog shows properly in any areas that get newly-explored (by sentryward/ocuvigils or living players). I replicated this without any mods as well.

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  8. 8 minutes ago, V2C said:

    MapExplorer:RevealArea should cache icons if called on the server.

    Hmm, this doesn't seem to be working for me. I have it set up to add a component to things that need to broadcast their location (the component only exists on the server), and that component is adding the maprevealer component to things (like players). So it should definitely be happening on the server only, but still seems to result in icons disappearing. So the icons show up as the other player moves around, but disappear as soon as they move out of range.

  9. @V2C Why don't map icons revealed by MapExplorer:RevealArea cache? Is that intended, or something yet to be implemented? If they did cache (and the flickering icons issue got resolved somehow), then map sharing would be 100% perfect.

    Edit: To see the flickering issue, you can stand by an Ocuvigil and watch the map. Reducing the refresh period makes it more obvious, but you can still see it once every 5 seconds. You can imagine that this is more problematic when maprevealer is attached to every player, as it means the nearby icons are always flickering.