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  1. 2 hours ago, Jrradster2 said:

    Hey I think it was the last update this mod had, and I forgot to say something, but that update caused the client version of this mod and the server version unable to run at the same time. Whenever I try it the game crashes, but I'm able to run each of them seperately.  I tested it with this update and it still happens. Not a huge problem but I thought I would bring it to your attention for the people that use both versions. 

    I don't maintain the server version so it's up to them to update it

  2. @TheHacker Gesture Wheel is DST-only (10 is the api version for DST).

    Single-player doesn't have any emotes, so it wouldn't make sense to have the wheel for them (and porting over the emotes themselves is a bit hard, definitely outside of what I want to do with this mod).

  3. On 12/14/2017 at 5:16 AM, Stellari said:

    someone teach me how to install this mod T_T i want this mod so bad but i don't know how to install it huhu

    If you have Steam it's much easier to subscribe to it on the Workshop there and then just enable it in-game. Otherwise you need to find the game files, and the "mods" folder inside there. Then download this, extract the zip, and then put the GeometricPlacement folder in the mods folder, so that it goes mods/GeometricPlacement/modmain.lua (if you have an extra folder around it, it won't work).

  4. @iamdarkbowser Based on it saying "CombinedStatus1.6.19" instead of "Combined Status", I'm guessing you didn't install it correctly. It should have a folder called "CombinedStatus", with "modmain.lua" directly inside. So the folder structure should end up looking like "mods/CombinedStatus/modmain.lua"

  5. @CountryPanda No, that wouldn't cause a problem. That was an error from early on in Shipwrecked's development, are you on the latest version? It was caused by a change in the way they handled recipes so that they could mix and match RoG and SW recipes, but that messed up mods that interacted with recipes (because that code ran sooner). It should be fixed in current versions.

    Edit: I mean current versions of the game, rather than the mod.

  6. 8 hours ago, Jimothan said:

    I don't have the steam version so I have no clue how to update :\ is there something on the Klei website that allows me to "Update?" (I'm sorry for seeming like a huge moron :?)


    Looks like you have a Mac, from googling there should be a Don't Starve Updater app somewhere that you can run.

  7. @brbrmensch Thanks, I figured it out. I normally force-enable my main mods, because a small error can disable all of them otherwise. Apparently force-enabling got around whatever asset-loading bug the game had that was causing this. I figured out a workaround, though, and if you update it on Steam it should be fixed now.

  8. On 2/10/2017 at 4:47 AM, brbrmensch said:

    i can't see players characters when i press "view players" button on server list, i see names, but not chars

    after i disabled this mod i could see them again, after enabling it again i couldn't see chars too

    That's really bizarre... It seems to work fine for me when I have it enabled. I also have no idea how the mod's code could possible affect that part of the game. Is it possible that it was just malfunctioning at the same time on its own? Have you tried using the version in the Steam Workshop instead (the code is identical, but it's something else to try)?

  9. On 2/6/2017 at 5:01 PM, baldr said:


    There's a small bug in 1.6.16 hiding at modmain.lua:564 (was introduced in 1.6.13 to "catch potential future crash" ;-).

    local moonphasechanged_fname = self.OnMoonPhaseChanged2 and "OnMoonPhaseChanged2" or self.OnMoonPhaseChanged

    surely should be

    local moonphasechanged_fname = self.OnMoonPhaseChanged2 and "OnMoonPhaseChanged2" or "OnMoonPhaseChanged"

    Keep up good work, your mods are awesome!

    Wow, nice catch. This isn't causing a problem anywhere yet, is it?

  10. 18 hours ago, WilsonJr said:

    Could someone tell me how to fix them saying "Crashed" when I start my game and "To Be Disabled" after I've tried to load them?.

    I NEED SOME HELP HERE! And youtube's not any. So hopefully the makers OF the mods can assist me with these mods that are a pain in da ass :/

    It sounds like you're not putting them in the mods folder correctly. If you can get a screenshot of the crash it would help me sort it out, but the mods folder structure should look like this (although with Don't Starve instead of DST if you're playing that):