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  1. I just publicly released my big rebalance mod. Let me know what you think!

    1. Neutral_Steve


      Ohohoho! I should use it later!

  2. Unlisted patch notes:

    • Applied Horticulture now grows things in a scattered burst, rather than all at once. No balance change, just more cool
    • I see stuff added for two more skin rarity tiers-- Reward (some comments say a "set bonus item", and indications of skin sets which don't exist yet) and Event. I also see suggestions of "emote" and "oddment" skins?
    • Beefalo have new sleep sounds, and the baby ones have a different sound.
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    2. Neutral_Steve


      yeah yeah, I removed my comment, I thought it was your mod. By just read the 1st and 3rd note. I passed away the 2nd one, my bad!

      But, talking about a mod who tweaks the entire game, like ancient guardian ghost and all things, is up on the workshop or we need still wait? :o 

    3. Chris1448


      New skin tiers ya say?

      Aww yussss.png

    4. GiddyGuy


      • Applied Horticulture now grows things in a scattered burst, rather than all at once. No balance change, just more cool

      I thought I saw that happening when I used horticulture, thanks for confirming that for me. :wilson_love:

  3. Unlisted patch notes:

    • Koalefants and volt goats like salt licks, too
    • Bonesaw can now longer be used as booooneesssawww. rip Seth dreams :(
    • This was included, but to explain: twiggy trees, on going back to baby form, will drop a twig if there are none nearby, and have 50% chance if there's one. They're.... a little less terrible now, I guess?
    1. Asparagus


      \(O__O)/ huzzah!

  4. Modding lesson of the day: unintentional hive minds are retarded.

    1. Asparagus



      words to live by

  5. Unlisted patch note: files are getting set up for an intro cinematic, probably the "A New Reign" video.

    1. Asparagus



      *dreams coming true*

    2. Gotheran


      Charlie? Oh gawd what happened to her

  6. Unlisted patch notes:

    • More new epitaphs. I liked these: "Quoth the tallbird, Evermore." and "It reads 'You're standing on my face'. Oops."
    • Actually that's about it. Some other strings updates.
  7. Unlisted patch changes:

    • Wigfrid, to another murdering Wigfrid: "There can be only one!"
    • All characters now have strings for "pigtent" and "mower" prefabs that don't exist yet... hmm...
    • Vito challenges the impossible: "--There's a crash if you teleport without the delay --V2C: ORLY"
    • Some Shipwrecked strings got added-- I noticed Warly's crock pot and machetes.
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    2. rezecib


      @Luxurious hypothesized that it'll be a tent skin. But that'd be the first skin with its own custom descriptions, I think.

    3. Mobbstar


      Roses are kind of skins and have a custom description. Maybe it's a skin for pig houses?

    4. Asparagus


      Or a tent made out of pig skin instead of silk? <.<

      IDK... skin probably sounds right...

  8. Unlisted Patch Notes (RoG): Currently unused firework fx screenflash duration increased (0.25->0.65). Only Vito knows what this means.

    1. rezecib


      Maybe, that would be awesome. The firework fx are for the PS4's accomploshrine, but it would be neat if they found another use... And map sharing! :D

    2. Asparagus


      ...a FLARE GUN!! for map-sharing and light?

      O__O not really DS-themed though O__O

      here's hoping!

  9. Unlisted patch notes: prefabs for Wigfrid and Webber added! ... but they're empty right now. Also, the amount of code for controller support was totally bonkers.

    1. Asparagus


      You Must Construct Additional Pylons!

    2. ThePreChewedTree
  10. 10 years since seth strim.i walk through the empty streets trying to think of something else but my path always leads to the stream. i stare at the screen for hours and try to summon the lord. i watch other hopeless noobs streaming but it is no good. i flame flare2v in his channel and try to resist the nazi mods but it is all meaningless. the end is near.i then usually watch some old seth vods and cry myself to sleep.

    1. ThePreChewedTree
    2. BipedalBear


      Another copy pasta from Singsing?

  11. Unlisted patch notes: Booster shot description made a bit clearer (could still be better, though); players will soon have a grogginess component that slows them down with sleep darts/nearby mandrake/pan flute usage (it's commented out right now)

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    2. rezecib


      Where are you seeing those? It's not in the animations that I see for the slip (atk, shuttle, transform, cower, death, eat, frozen, hit, idle, misc, sleep, taunt, walk) or the slipstor (frozen, idle, walk, atk, death, sleep, taunt, transform).

    3. rezecib


      Oh, I think you're just looking at the build. The "happy" face is its normal face, the "angry" one is for attacks, and the "sad" is for sleeping. So it doesn't have animations for emotions like it might look from the build. I highly doubt it will be a pet.

    4. Michi01


      Ahhhhhh, now I get it.

  12. Unlisted patch note: Willow no longer considers the dessicated tentacle to be a lady forged in flame. :(

  13. Unlisted patch notes: Woodie got updated, as well as some cave/adventure light sources

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    2. osmRhodey


      Yeah I kind of figured. It kept seeming, to me at least, that his transformation was trying to change the huds of everyone but since no one else has that code it just breaks. but idk. :(

    3. rezecib


      Yeah, I'll see. I have two accounts set up now (finally set my laptop up with Windows so my boyfriend could play with me), so I can do proper host-client testing. Also, we have a bunch of examples now for the netcode, so I think I'll be able to get it to work :D

    4. osmRhodey


      Yeah if anything I can see if brainstorming issues helps. :U

  14. Unlisted patch note: *bonesaw probability on main screen increased from 2% to 5%

    1. SmellyBacon


      Nothing will ever be the same.

  15. Hey, I just wanted to say I've been really impressed with all the forums firefighting you've been doing. Thanks for being awesome and answering so many of the constant barrage of questions :)

    1. Hellkitty


      Thank you! :D I try to be thorough as I can or at least steer people in the right direction. :) I think you're pretty awesome too with how helpful and knowledgeable you are with everyone!

    2. Halved


      Yup. You are awesome, man