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  1. 9 hours ago, Risu said:

    Either way not seeing anything wrong with the scrubber itself there.

    It isn't just misreporting the usage, if you watch the storage it spikes when it dips into 200 g/s periods. Also, if it were actually consuming at 300g/s for both of them, then there would be no way for the storage to increase; the 7 natural gas generators can only produce 577.5 g/s of CO2, so they should be burning through their storage at a shared rate of 22.5 g/s.

    I tried at all the normal game speeds and all of them ended up dipping into low-activity periods.

  2. 6 minutes ago, Risu said:

    The scrubber is actually one of the few element converters who never wait for enough mass to turn on. As it is always running it's constantly trying to convert what it can, so every time either water or CO2 is below the required amount it scales back the conversion to match the lowest amount available.

    But I'm observing the 200 g/s conversion rate even when it has 20kg water and 1000+ kg of CO2. There is a real bug there, not just a confusing display.

    In fact, the only reason why the storage of CO2 cascades out of control is because it keeps dropping to 200g/s periodically.

    See (the area around the scrubber is also over pressure with CO2 while this is occurring):


  3. I've been having this issue as well. From experimentation, it's when the pipe flowing into the valve is flowing at maximum capacity. So basically, if the valve is just splitting flow (e.g. it can flow somewhere else, skipping the valve), then the valve can always be adjusted. However, if the pipe's only outlet is the valve, and it ever gets backed up or reaches maximum capacity, then the valve can no longer be adjusted (as long as the maximum flow continues into it).

    My workaround so far has been adding an outlet before the valve until non-maximum flow reaches the valve.

  4. I expect this is an issue with the Steam Workshop servers, but it seems to be happening a lot lately (I've been getting many comments about it on my mods). Perhaps there is something that can be done from this end to make it a little less game-breaking? The main problem seems to be that the folder gets stuck in a state where it can't be deleted (aside from going into Safe Mode).

  5. I'm guessing you have a case-sensitive file system. The file, for some reason, is named "SGStungray", but other files ask for "SGstungray" (the way most stategraphs are named).

    Meanwhile, you could probably fix it by going into your files and renaming it. In Steam, right-click on the game, Properties, Local Files, Browse Local Files. data/DLC0002/scripts/stategraphs/, renamed SGStungray.lua to SGstungray.lua

  6. Hosting like this takes quite a lot of CPU time-- you're running two server processes and a client process, and even on my 3.4 GHz quad-core processor this can get laggy if the world is cluttered. This causes what feels like lag (sometimes called processor lag to distinguish it from network lag). Your ping should actually be 0ms, but I would expect that your processor wasn't quite up to the load.