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  1. Strem Ovr, thanks to the probably 2 people who showed their faces.

    1. Mobbstar


      People without accounts (e.g. me when watching from tablet) don't show but can still watch.

  2. Who wants a late night stream? I'll be starting it soon.

    1. Pyromailmann


      And yes, I'll be streaming longer than my last one. I ended it abruptly because I had to play w/ friends.

    2. Pyromailmann


      I'll also maybe hanging out in the Discord if anyone cares.

      That's the last status update.

    3. Mobbstar


      Yey, some payday to make my day! ^_^

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  3. Vote Pyromaildragon/Pyrotrainthing 2040

    Make America Decently Okay again.

    1. Pyromailmann


      You're forgetting about the 3rd parties. I forgot about mentioning them as well, but they never got much coverage, which is the media's fault for the most part, since they clearly could've saved us from Trump and Hilary, heck, even Bernie Sanders was a good candidate, but they turned him down for Mrs. Clinton.

      But other than that, Politics is dumb and filled with idiots.

    2. An Artifact

      An Artifact

      I barely know any of the other candidates because I don't live there, so apologies for failing to acknowledge them.

    3. greenglacier


      I'd have voted for you, Pyro. If I lived in the US. 

      Either way nice avatar. It's new to me. What...ever it is.

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  4. Pyro just sat there, blankly at this molment. He wrote a note addressed to Zeklo.
  5. Pyro decided to catch the candy bowl. He then threw it back at the Ghoast.
  6. Pyro got up from the corner, realizing that Mena was upset. "Mena, calm down, just accept our fate, we lost, we'll never go back." Pyro started drawing stuff in the corner, it was mainly middle fingers directed at Lipton, Mobb and the Host, but even still, he sat there.
  7. (If S3 is it's own thing, I'm keeping my character, but I'm procrastinating to draw a new version of my current Mafia-sona)
  8. Upon Pyro's death, a piece of paper, with staples leading to other pages on it. The title is written neatly on the first page as "Pyro's Will Log Will-Log-Thing". The words are mostly neat with a few appearing jumbled or not fitting the rest of the line but it's still readable. It reads as follows: Page 1: Page 2: Page 3: Page 4: There was also a piece of paper attacked. Nobody understood it since it was 4th wall-breaking. Pyro's ghost flew out right away, bits of metal and some blood oddly were found upon the floor. "GOD DARNIT! YOU CULTIST WANNABE, YOU TRICKED ME, I HAVE A NICE GUN BY MY SIDE, I WANTED TO GO OUT WITH A BULLET, BUT NO, YOU HAVE TO ZAP ME." Pyro's ghost began giving the Host the finger as he was speaking. He realized nobody alive cared. "Well, time to use some pent up energy I've had." Pyro flew over to Zeklo, "HOPE YOU FIND A NICE TOILET TO HAVE AS YOUR GRAVE, FISHFACE!" Then Mobb. "USE YOUR DETECTIVE SKILLS TO ACTUALLY IMPRISON CRIMINALS, NOT SEND THEM TO KILL EVERYBODY ELSE!" Then Lipton... "Hey, Lipton, I gave you part-ownership of the mansion, TRY TO NOT GET BLOOD ON THE FLOOR THIS TIME!" Pyro had finished taunting those he felt needed it. He probably had went insane and began looking around for his gun to go crazy and shoot it a bunch. But then he realized. He was dead. So he pulled out a ghost-version of the gun and started firing it in the air. Pyro then looks around the host is now dead. A couple of the people who died had been resurrected. "WAIT, GOD DAMMIT, YOU PILE OF DUST, WHAT ABOUT ME? HUH? YOU DON'T THINK I'D PREFER MY LIFE BACK? AFTER YOU AND YOUR USELESS MAGIC KILLED ME, PLAYING THAT SICK JOKE WAS NEVER FUNNY, IF YOU WERE STILL HERE, I'D SHOVE MY GHOSTLY FOOT-" Pyro stopped himself, he realized what this meant. He started crying. The crying turned into gunshots, and more taunting. And slapping Lipton's face. Eventually he accepted it and sat in the corner. He had done all this within 2 minutes. Clearly, he had too much energy and drank too much caffeine. He then realized he could probably leave the mansion and then tried. Who knows if he actually did, I'm just the box that explains actions.
  9. Pyro thought he felt something where the rune was but really he felt nothing.
  10. Pyro decided to pull out a radio, it was playing this song.
  11. Pyro grabs another apple and starts eating it, he decides to do the most dangerous thing that comes to mind: Talking. "S-So, why do you g-guys think our h-host is making us wait?"
  12. Pyro stopped tossing around the apple. He ate it, and then split in half. He then threw both parts in the garbage.
  13. Pyro looks at the apple on the floor. The apple is now smashed and all over the place. He goes to the kitchen and gets another He starts tossing it back and forth again.
  14. Pyro gets up, being bored and looks in the kitchen for a gala apple. ... he finds one and starts tossing it between both hands in order to pass time.
  15. PSAT's suck.


    English Sections 1 & 2

    47 questions in 1 hour.

    44 questions in 35 minutes




    Math Sections 3 & 4

    27-ish questions in 25 minutes

    31 questions in 45 minutes.



    1. Mobbstar


      At least you get the newest PSAT memes.

  16. (Sorry that I was gullible and believed Zeklo for a second, kinda impatient for this ending, but still take your time, but don't take 2 years to write it.)
  17. Pyro begins to look around nervously, he walks back into the lounge, wondering what is going on. "Wait, is he really a dead? I thought he'd say if he died, but I guess not? What could be taking our host so long? Like, seriously." Pyro looked outside a window. The window looked very foggy and he could barely see out of it. But it was sunset and so Pyro thought that time either slowed to a standstill, the Host was taking too long writing up something to end this mess that would still continue on after a year, or maybe Zeklo was right, maybe Mr.Fishy man over there had actually seen the Host's dead body and had died from old age. Or maybe, Zeklo, Mr.Fishy-Brains over there had been lying this whole time. 'Why would he lie?' Pyro thought to himself, 'lying is something I'd expect from other people, not some honest man who's stuck in a similar predicament as I am!' Pyro's thoughts be an to build up he felt his head pulsate with pain from headaches and undue stress. He walking around the lounge Thinking to himself. He thought about many things, thought of his latest actions that day, and the timeline of events That happened in the mansion. Pyro then passed out on the floor from these thoughts swelling in his head, and what might happen in the very close and near future.
  18. (Wait, oh. I didn't realize it wasn't spoken, fixing it now)
  19. Pyro heard a cough, he got up and looked around to see what was up. He saw what Zeklo was looking at. "What. So wait, he died because of old age? Geez, that's horrible. I wrote this will which turned into a will-log of events following after DM's death and everything! Well, I guess I may as well head back to my place. If anybody cares, you can come and visit I guess." Pyro looked up with a look of disappointment and the denial of acceptance. He had been expecting to die, he even had prepared thoroughly for it. "No hard feelings, doesn't matter who was in the Mafia or who wasn't now anyways. Unless the Host is actually faking and is going to kill one of us." Pyro then walked over the the foyer and waited by the door just in case.
  20. Whoever saw my stream, thanks for coming. Sorry if my internet sucked, or whatever.

  21. Just got back, took both dogs, Janiey (the beagle) had to get some blood drawn. Niko (labradore mix) also came along as moral support. Both went to the dog park afterwards and had fun. Niko wanted to play a bit more when we went there and we left by 3:30. Going to start up the stream really soon.

  22. Stream is delayed for an hour or 2. Have to assist my mom with something.

    1. Mobbstar


      d'aw, but priorities are priorities.