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  1. ban Donke because you can't ride me, I'm an anthropomorphic train therefore you can't ride me.
  2. Ban Donke because Safe Spaces are bad for your health.
  3. Please stop summoning me because of my title. I know it's not a standard member title but still it doesn't mean "mention me because title". I may get back into DST eventually though Idk, just to stay on topic, can't wait to be completley clueless in a game again.
  4. Spoiler


    looks like I can now build the computer. Good thing my current one is basically dead.

  5. So after updating my drivers, my computer has decided to enter safety mode again. Even thought I could have done the upgrade and it was compatible. I've tried everything I could to fix this issue and nothing's worked. 


    Fortunately, my new motherboard to replace the old one with broken pins which was sent to replace the one that was defective is arriving tomorrow.

  6. Ban Starthefox because somebody necro'd a thread even though HEROES NEVER DIE.
  7. Payday 2 stream at 1pm, enjoy this, starting asap.

    1. Pyromailmann


      Stream's over, short one, but trust me, I'm tired, uploading it to Youtube after putting it through Movie Maker

  8. Pyro stops hitting a rock, it looked like a crystal. It was glowing. "Oh good, I thought our adventure was just hanging out in the cave." Pyro followed Ysuleah out of the cave,
  9. That feel when you realize you just played Call of Duty basically all afternoon.

    Srsly though, I don't know how I do it.

  10. It's because I don't like drawing joints. I think it comes from watching Sr Pelo.
  11. Oh wow those arms can hold spears I never thought of that. Veri good as always!
  12. Pyro looked around and saw nobody was really doing anything in the cave. Ysuleah and YKS were just standing around, looking up, down, and around, not really doing much. "Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to hit the floor with my hatchet, since we literally aren't doing anything." And so, Pyro hit the rocky ground with the hatchet. (COUGH COUGH REMEMBER WHEN THIS EXISTED? COUGH COUGH)
  13. Have an old photo of one of my dogs.
  14. That feel when you just want a headset but the USB connecting the computer to the headset is so sensitive that it disconnects with no reason behind it and the actual support that the company provides basically is useless.

    1. Pyromailmann


      Turns out a USB that came with my Steam Controller works and is much better than the one I got with the headset.



      Thank you Steam Controller, I used you for something.

    2. Mobbstar


      wow you make it sound like proper computer engineering

  15. Pyro looked around at the cave, reminding him of older places. "H-huh, this cave feels familiar to me, a lot of caves do, though. H-Hopefully n-nothing comes out and attacks us, especially giant chameleons, trust me, I've seen some monsters that could probably level a couple buildings."
  16. Going to bed, happy new year to everyone who's currently in 2017, I'm basically almost 37 minutes away from 2017.

  17. O waddup 3 hrs before New Years still

  18. Pyro had fallen down and his mask fell off temporarily sowing a disgruntled look around a mouth before Pyro pulled out a screwdriver and resrewed the mask back on, "Oh wow a dark cave, this place is totally a good idea, y'know, it's like nothing bad ever happens in caves." Pyro sarcastically remarked a little bit before he finished screwing on the mask. "Oh hey look, other people exist." Pyro then proceeded to help Skelletoast up slowly and carefully, because toast is so fragile that touching them could be fatal. Pyro then gazed at the purple dragon with a horn. "Hello again, uh...." Pyro paused because he didn't know whether to use Mr., Ms. or Mrs. so he didn't continue that sentence.
  19. Pyro falls in because a gust of wind pushed him (you could say it felt like hands but nah), he then begins to fall in only to be stopped by a loading screen. He awaits until further comprehension on what is on the other side is told to him, through text. (Breaking the 4th wall is fun) (COUGH COUGH MEZZTAL PLS TELL ME WHAT IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS DOOR THANK)