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  1. Ban watermelen for calling upon the stampede. *watches intently eating popcorn while sitting on a lawn chair out of the way, blocked by an impenetrable shield*
  2. Ban watermelen because nobody knows what they should be congratulated for.
  3. Ban myself for using photos Ban Destros09 for not banning me for figuring it out.
  4. Do I have to fix a ban? I think I do. Ban @watermelen671 because: I know how to find Steam Users usually. Then ban @Destros09 because they made me do this since they got ninja'd and also put in a post not banning the person above them. If you want to put something into your post 's called editing the post or you could put into your post originally.
  5. Ban watermelen for their steam name being Jon Snow and a Game of Thrones reference.
  6. Ban watermelon for jumbling up my name and redacting a part of my reason for banning them.
  7. Ban @watermelen671 for bad memes and pre-teen celebrities.
  8. Ban watermelen for using abbreviations that contain swears.
  9. Recorrecting errors again... Ban myself because yes. Ban Master Jand because it's acceptable to ban 2 people above you in my book. Problems fixed.
  10. Ban Xedlord for the excessive use of a spoiler. No seriously, that was too many spoilers in my opinion. I was hoping there'd be something before it cut off.
  11. ban watermelen because they've got a much better title than I do.
  12. Ban that individual who's username is watermelen671 for being tsundere.
  13. Detecting a ban inconsistency... I've got this @Asparagus... Alright, ban myself because of a para-socks. Ban Jand for using a Youtube Video That should've fixed the banning errors. Now, ban DatShadowJK for mentioning @watermelen671's isolated base.
  14. No, I don't mention. It's pointless if you're just going to check the thread anyways. Also seriously, I know I love to swear a lot but calling someone a farming tool is kind of rude. Because, you're assuming my gender. (IT'S JUST A JOKE, PUT DOWN THE BABY WITH A GUN) Here, ban @watermelen671 because they wanted to me to @ them.
  15. Ban watermelen for The uselessness of mentioning me because I'll see it anyway. That's 9 spoilers too many.
  16. Ban watermelen for too many spoilers. No seriously, that's too many spoilers.
  17. Ban Jand for not banning Destros for not banning the person above them.
  18. Ban watermelen for being afraid of explosives/alkali metals.
  19. "Well, if 'e's gonna sleep, we should totally just leave him because an unknown area with which we have little to not known knowlege about where there's most likely no protection." Pyro looked at the others, they probably weren't fine with the sarcastic comment. "I'll just... drag 'em.. I guess." And with some grunting and sounds that sounded like cracking between joints that had been idle, Pyro had picked up a very heavy dragon. "Man, who knew something that weighs tons could be heavy, am I right?"
  20. Pyro pays attention to the conversation surprisingly. "Well, we can't head back, obviously, so let's go to the mountain." (Pyro also forgets if there's a bridge or not.)
  21. Pyro silently looked behind and saw that the others were right, there wasn't a door. "Well, that's comforting to know, how're we supposed to get back now?"
  22. ban watermelen because for calling somebody a farming tool.