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  1. Ban Not a Pureblood because they didn't show how they know the difference.
  2. Ban Pure Darkness for conflating game mechanics with humor.
  3. oH gOd ThE kLeI fOrUmS uI cHaNgEd AgAiN

  4. Ban watermelen for one good chemistry joke in a sea of unfunny jokes. And you call yourself a comedian?
  5. Ban watermelen because, woah that's some serious pile of salt you got there.
  6. *BAN CORRECTIONS INCOMING!* Ban watermelen for the Rick-Roll. Ban Xelord for not getting it and not banning watermelen.
  7. Ban watermelen because it's a dead meme. Also for using "teh" and "mehmeys" unironically.
  8. Ban watermelen for not helping me and DatShadow break out of the bean.
  9. Ban Xelord and DatShadow because WE STILL NEED TO GET OUT OF THE BEAM.
  10. Ban watermelen for lying, DatShadow, you wanna team up and get out of the bean?
  11. Ban watermelen and DatShadow for over-beaning. We are in the bean.
  12. Ban watermelen because I may be edgy, but I'm edgy enough to know what limits are.