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  1. Pyro realized what he said and corrected himself. "If there was just one killer left after Lipton, we'd already have won. Sorry about what I said before I tend to go on and on about some subjects. People tend to use that information against me. Also, are you trying to make the assumption that I am in the mafia. I'm just letting things pass while we tend to voting off other people and other people die. Not that I don't care, of course. I think that we all lead our own lives, interesting or not. Now before I continue rambling, I'm gonna stop myself so that way, nobody decides to say 'hey, let's all jump on the kill the train-thing bandwagon and send Pyro to an early grave!' because I work at a railroad where I have jobs." Pyro then continued on with fidgeting with the bell, trying to see if he could remove it in any way, shape or form.
  2. (Oh, I forgot, sorry about that Zek) Pyro looked up at Zek who asked him the question. "Let's see. Corinth was the bounty hunter, somebody's the vigilante, DM was the assassin, and Lipton is the serial killer. That's why I think there are more than one killer(s)."
  3. Pyro stands close by to Tater. He is fidgeting with the bell trying to see if he could remove it.
  4. Pyro was curious about why they wanted Lipton alive. She could still kill them, yes. But she could kill anybody. "Wait, why do you think you'd want Lipton alive? We've gotten the Mafia's assassin and Godmother. The only ones left are either people who can't kill or killers who can't hide evidence." A terrible idea brewed inside Pyro's smoke box... er brain... thing.
  5. "Mobb, even if you know who the serial killer is, they can take out Mafia, sure, but they can also take out people like you and me. I'd say killer would take top priority over Mafia. But hey, that's just my opinion, don't treat it as fact."
  6. Pyro still sits in the corner. Wondering if he can remove the bell. He decides, Lipton wouldn't kill him. After a lot of convincing, Pyro decided to get out of the corner. He then decided to get up and attempt talking to people. "So, we have one spider crushed. Now we're about to have the second spider crushed under the weight of [what I presume will be], a landslide of a lynch vote. Good thing I'm not a fan of spiders, then."
  7. Pyro listens to Lipton and with a finished bowl of cereal, drinks the remining milk in the bowl and is now huddled into the corner in a panic, as the whistle is sounding out a low but terrified noise and the bell is shaking. Pyro finishes the milk from the bowl. And is still shaking in the corner, afraid to move out of it.
  8. Pyro was in the dining room and a thought came into mind. "Since I left to the dining room, that means Lipton could come in and just stab me." Pyro rushes out of the Dining room in panic a bowl of cereal in hand, it's mostly finished. "I am so scared about knowing who the serial killer is that I'm scared of eating alone." Pyro its in the corner of the foyer finishing to eat some cereal in a bowl
  9. Pyro woke up on the couch, he didn't care that people died. All he cared about was surviving in a mansion that served more as a memorial than an actual home once owned by a rich person. "I know somebody just died, but can I just say I'm tired of all this? Like, getting bored tired, not sleepy tired." Pyro then realized who was the killer then considering both qualified female killers were dead. "How much do I wanna bet there is some serious dirt on you, Lipton. And I kind of guessed that you were the killer anyways. I always had the hunch, just never really felt it until yesterday, I guess." Pyro realized he was talking to much, and in order to not be outed and lynched he decided to get off that topic. "But, I digress, I'm gonna see if there's breakfast." (Pyro headed off to the dining hall).
  10. (danny pls stop, you got banished and stuff) Pyro kept having dreams where he saw ghosts or something. He awoke and decided to watch TV. ... Nothing but TV shows that weren't very interesting, news about drama between celebrities.., news about presidents.., and other garbage was on so he turned it off and went to sleep.
  11. Fun Fact: I have a Skype, the username is miner_120. I usually talk with some of my close friends on Skype. So don't expect me to always 100% answer a call or Skype message, as I also have school, a life, and play video games.

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  12. Pyro was too tired to deal with the current events. "Ugh, I'll sleep in the lounge again, I'm gonna search for a gun to kill myself with in the morning." Pyro was walking towards the couch infront of the TV but stopped to say something. "If anybody kills me, don't take the paper in my pocket. It's a Will... or Ramblings of a potentially dead man, either one. But still, don't touch it, or steal it. I will slap you if you do." And so, Pyro slept on the couch infront of the TV.
  13. Pyro, despite feeling like wanting to die, responded to Dwer. "Dwer, you psycho. I'm starting to think you're the killer."
  14. Pyro watched as both Giddy and DragonMage died. He just wanted to die at this rate. "Somebody, please, hand me a gun to shoot myself with. I can't bear this torture any longer."
  15. Pyro is sort of tired and is talking in slurs, he gets up from the couch and tries to give Tater a high five. "If Dragon Mage is doing to die, can I ask for the closest firearm to shoot myself in the head with then?"
  16. Pyro reawakens at the bar. There is a mostly empty chocolate milkshake. Pyro finishes it. He gets a terrible feeling in his stomach. He goes back to the lobby and listens to what Mobb said. "Yeah, Mobb's right, if I had been in some sort of combat, whether it's what happened with Ysul the first night or with Mena and Battal last night, I would have the scars to prove it. And since it's only happened so recently, and my receptiveness to pain is immense, I'd probably have the pains to prove it as well." Pyro quickly checked over his own body. He could only feel mosquito bites, which if you ask me, is ironic. Pyro went back into the bar and grabbed a coke. He came back a few seconds later. He then checked his pockets for the paper he wrote on and it was still there. That was a relief.
  17. Pyro gets up from the TV and looks at the items. "The hair could always be Mena's. Mena had brown hair." Pyro then thinks about who to vote for. ... "I guess if I could vote for anybody it'd have to be Lipton, as she's one of the only options to vote for a potential serial killer." Pyro then realized what he said. "N-no hard feelings, obviously, everybody here is a good person at heart, it's just that we all kn-know we have to vote for somebody or else w-we die." Pyro then goes to the bar to enjoy another Chocolate Milkshake.
  18. Pyro walks out of the library after writing a will in pen. He walks down to the lounge and decides to watch some TV.
  19. Pyro finally finishes eating chocolate-chip pancakes with no pulp orange juice and then decides what to do next. Pyro thinks at the dining table for a while. "I guess I'll just head upstairs to the library to see if I can find a piece of paper and something to write with. For in case I'm killed by some stairs." And so, Pyro headed to the library.
  20. A boot hits Pyro in the face as he eats some chocolate pancakes. He then falls face-first into them.
  21. Pyro, awoke, not falling off the couch and walked to the crime scene. "And to think, I thought Battal was the serial killer. And I can't be too surprised on how Mena was the godmother, after all, you can't say who's who or else BLAMO! There go your brains." Pyro had subconscious thoughts on something unimportant, those thought range from 'I wonder what is happening to the railway.' to 'What am I forgetting about?' "Well, my bet is that somebody laid out Breakfast for us, may as well go check to be sure, after this, I could use some Orange Juice." And so, Pyro set out on the greatest quest of all time, going to eat breakfast.