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  1. "Hey, I can hear somebody slapping bowls and stabbing candy in the kitchen. Just thought you should stop that. Now if you allow me to I am going to continue sobbing about stuff."
  2. "I CAN STILL HEAR YOU, I DON'T LIKE IT WHEN ANYBODY DIES!"Pyro yelled from the kitchen
  3. Pyro awoke. He fell off the couch. "Lipton. You just ate Toast. Why would you eat them? Now who's gonna make the pancakes?!" Pyro sighed. "I mean, seriously, we got another mafia member. But, seriously. Lipton over here decided to eat somebody. Granted, they're technically a food already, but still, she's been trying to eat people and Lipton has clearly eaten our sentient piece of toast. Somebody who may have been just a piece of toast. But a piece of toast with the will to maneuver a mech." Pyro went silent. He went over to Mobb "Mobb, sure Ryan's dead. But once Lipton kills us, she'll kill you. You're fine with killing people right now, no matter who they are! I'd have the right mind to assume you're in the mafia right now! I may be beyond violence, but right now, I will take the closest weapon and bash your mechanical brain with it. You hear me? Lipton is the fox, killing the wolves, sure, but the fox could kill the sheep [all of us], again, the wolves are bad, but to quote something here, 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend.' and right now, you may as well be part of her entourage. Telling her 'yeah, kill that person! Good job, you killed everybody but us!' Seriously." Pyro went into the bar and grabbed a water. He drank it. He walked out of the bar and towards the dining hall. "I bet that our cultist wannabe of a host set the table. We're all sheep, and you guys may have wanted this, I didn't. I may just want out of here, but you guys you're cheering this killer on like it's good. If you want to talk, I'll be crying and eating food at the table because I don't care if you want to come over and talk to me, I hate you all, especially Mobb."
  4. Pyro goes to bed in the lounge by the TV again. Still just political stuff nobody cares about.
  5. (Lipton was tied up but I guess she was untied and you didn't drink Pepsi before you died because you didn't know it was at the bar. I don't even think you went to the bar.)
  6. Pyro doesn't hear DragonMage because she's dead. But there's a unfinished Pepsi in the bar.
  7. Pyro reemerges from the bar, with a water bottle. "y-YEY n-NOBUDDY hAS tO dYE!" Pyro then starts drinking out of the water bottle. He has the piece of paper he's had since he went to the library in one hand. And puts it away again. He then proceeds to sit back down on one of the couches by the TV.
  8. Pyro realized nobody was saying anything so he decided to say another thing, he wasn't as drunk but still had a wisdom to share. "You know, voting people to die, like Soto, Corinth [who I know revealed his role but still]. Giddy [who hinted at it but still died for it], anybody, Mafia or not. You may say to yourself 'we did not kill them.' but we really did, when you put your thought to it, we're voting people off, Lipton, Chris, or me (because I've got 3 votes on my head and so does Lipton." Pyro looked around to see if anybody actually listened. "But look, the short of it is that you could think we're killing mafia for a good cause, or killing our serial killer for a good cause, but really, innocent, mafia, killer, doesn't matter. We're still doing the deed of sending them to die so for those who make it out, if any of us do, even if I do, [and I am repeating myself] don't think you didn't kill anybody, because you did. We all did." Now if you excuse me, I'm going to grab a Pepsi from the bar. I'll be back in a second. As Pyro walks out he throws an empty coke bottle into a nearby recycling bin. And then heads into the bar to get a Pepsi.
  9. Pyro looked up from the couch. "I didn't vote for Soto because everybody was voting for Soto and I didn't have a grudge against Soto. So I decided to vote for Battal based of a process of who could be a bad guy. I'm voting to kill off Lipton so we don't have as many deaths in the room. Even if I'm voted off, the mafia and Lipton can both still wipe out everybody. Keep in mind I still haven't killed anybody. You'd know if I'd have killed somebody. Voting me off isn't smart but also isn't dumb, without revealing my role for the fact that my head could become tiny blobs of fleshy metal."
  10. Pyro burst out of the bar with a coke in hand he was clearly drinking soda and was drunk apparently. "Okay, I talked myself out of death, and because there's nobody else I can think of being mafia or whatever, and Tater's point is a good one so I say, yeah, I going back with my vote on Lipton since our Therapist can't talk to you because he's dead." Pyro then walked over to the couch and sat down he walked sort-of funny but put his drink on the coffee table without any problems. "Yo-you, know, p *hic* people are like sheep. The-*hic* they all follow a trend of 'hey, let's vot-*hic* vote somebody off.' *laugh* and then they vote somebody to die! *hic* It's like... uh... it's like... we follow some sort of hive mind or something to *hic* kill each other." Pyro then went quiet and didn't say anything. He could speak some knowledge at times, whether what was just said was knowledge was unknown.
  11. Pyro sat back at the Toast and Mobb yelling at each other for why they should/shouldn't vote for Chris respectively. He got confused and decided to sit down at the bar for a bit and contemplate if he could die. "Since a talking piece of Toast and Mobbstar are bickering at each other of why their vote is valid or not because math or something, I'm gonna go drink myself until I pass out. But if you want to know who to vote for, I'd love to die. I don't care if I go home anymore. And what makes this worse is that our therapist is dead so I can't talk to him either since I can't talk to ghosts."
  12. "Lipton, that's because I'm willing to defend myself. This place is terrible. Lots of people have died here. Over and over. Heck, we've already got how many people dead, Lipton? To kill one of the killers relieves everybody else of the issue of somebody's death. Even if 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' applies here, you can still be a threat. But because I wanna make it out of this too, I guess I'll retract my vote. And instead vote on myself, because I just wanna die, it'd be better if somebody finds a firearm with proper ammunition, please, hand it to me."
  13. Pyro looked up, seeing that Lipton mentioned him. "Okay, so now apparently being casual and sitting back after I voted the one who actually should be killed, even if it kills us all, is suspicious. Yeah, sure, okay. I will now change my vote to Lipton for being so suspicious from calling me suspicious!"
  14. Pyro came back after moving Waddle's dead corpse alone, remembering his stupid idea. "I feel like voting the host because that evil mage/sorcerer/cultist wannabe the one who roped us into this hole!"
  15. Pyro was hit by the armor. He got up and realized he was in the lounge. "Ok, so I am here. good to know." He looked around and saw Waddle's Corpse. "Well. Dang. I don't like seeing people die. Human, anthropomorphic, or not. Still sucks when one's life is taken, mafia or not. Plus, I doubt that Waddle was killed by ghosts. I think the host is intentionally killing people then blaming those who died here." Pyro then thinks about who to vote for. "Eh, I'll wait, anybody wanna help me bring Waddle's body down to the Coffin Room or just me? May as well do something while I wait for the lynch vote to go on." Pyro stared at Dwer. "After all, I got outed by people for voting too quickly."
  16. Pyro gets very tired. He got little to no sleep over the past few days in the mansion afraid of getting stabbed and he needed a lot of sleep. "Tater I'm tired lemme sleep."
  17. Me: Time to sleep.


    Me: Body pls.

    1. DragonMage156


      Me: I'm gonna go to bed the right time to night.

      Mind: Lol! Yeah right.

      Me: Mind pls.

      Mind: We can totally stay up for another hour and draw.

      Me: But-

      Me: *Stays up till 2am*

      And that's mt story XD Unfortunately I got busted one night so yeah.

      Mind: I blame you.

      Me: Shut up, mind!

  18. I give this art a Jacket from Hotline Miami/10
  19. That feel when you have two dogs who love to walk but one actually walks and the other goes full on sprint.


    Yeah, my legs hurt because of that last one.

  20. "Well, Toast, if we untied Lipton, then she'd probably kill us both. Then kill everybody else in the mansion. Which is probably easy as I'll assume we're all unarmed/don't have weapons."
  21. Pyro looked up at Tater, Tater interrupted a nice dream that was outside the mansion. "Yeah, sure whatever."
  22. Pyro quickly gobbles down a chocolate cookie before Mage could stop him. He then closed his eyes trying to sleep against a wall. (I sort of have no idea if I'm still in the foyer or in the lobby)
  23. Pyro stopped fidgeting with the bell and replied to Lipton "Yeah, I'm an introvert and yet I am very talkative when alone or in a small group. I guess it has to do with how 90% of the time I am silent."