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  1. Streaming, it's playing an ad in the background for some reason

  2. Pyro looked up at Mobb. "He's probably giving us me my last moments. Either that, or he's writing something for you guys. Whatever the thing is, I'm glad people get to leave the mansion. Mobb, stay safe out there. You all should. For you see..." Pyro was drawing an image and then raised it to show Mobb and some others.
  3. Pyro finished his first drawing. It had completed a set of drawings he drew elsewhere. This is what he had drawing: (here's those if probably nobody cares )
  4. Pyro decided to draw things in anticipation for his death.


    1. Bebbit


      i was there for the context and i still don't know what it is

    2. Pyromailmann


      There was never any context.

    3. Asparagus


      I'd like to upgrade my subscription to Premium Sensorship plz

  6. "You'd expect this to take longer but no. Lipton, if you want to kill me, do it now. I don't think anybody cares at this point since P is take an eternity to do it."
  7. (gee thanks P, I'd probably just send messages saying "u suck" to everybody though.)
  8. Heading to Newark Airport to pick up my mom pretty soon, she's been in San Diego for a week.

    1. GiddyGuy


      Nice, I hope you two have a wonderful reunion. :3 

    2. Mobbstar


      Wowie, hopefully she has some stories to tell! :)

    3. Pyromailmann


      Yeah, she told us stories, and of course our dogs were so happy to see here again.

      Going to bed now, hope Mobb doesn't tell Lipton to stab me in my sleep.

  9. "And now, everyone's voted. So let me do the tallies right now. Host (and basically everyone if he got majority): 1 Pyro: 5 L: 1 Tater: 1 Yep, I'm going to die, don't say I didn't try to make ammends in the end, and Mobb, sorry that I nearly punched you. Now, Host, if you use magic to kill me, I'll use everything in my path to kill you, living or not. And hopefully I'll send messages from the dead, but who knows, ghosts are pretty limited."
  10. Pyro walks out of the Bar and sits on the couch next to the fire place. "I'm gonna die anyways, anybody wanna speed this up by helping a dead man find a gun to shoot himself with? Or do you want the host use hocus pocus bull to kill me?" Pyro sighs, a depressed look is on his face. "And feel free to ask any questions to me, I'll probably answer as many as I can before the host kills me like you guys all wanted to kill everyone else."
  11. Pyro temporarily wakes up to write a note and slide it under the door into the lounge. It reads: With that, Pyro closes his eyes. And prepares to attempt to kill himself, even if a mcguffin device would come in at last-second to stop him.
  12. Pyro still sits at the bar, knowing the votes go to him. Even if he survived the lynching, Lipton wouldn't let him. Which was a bummer, 'I tried to apologize,' he thought. 'I really wanted to make things good between us. And, nobody ever would listen to me. People only listen when it's something I do. Stare, punch, say something very uncommon, it's madness!" He then thought over how he would go out, would P honor his wish of handing him the closest firearm? Or would P just use some hokus pokus magic to kill him off. He didn't like magic. It's not a normal thing to him. He didn't detest magic 100%, but he hated abused magic. Cultists, Mages, Wizards, he felt they were magic abusers. And this cultist wannabe of a host was using the magic to toy with lives. Even if he was only one not okay with it. He then collapsed in the bar after a 4th Chocolate Milkshake. Most of his thoughts while unconscious were how Lipton and Mobb were mean people and how even if he died, two more would die in his place.
  13. >Be me

    >Update Nvidia Drivers

    >Drivers update.

    >Restart PC

    >Display is terrible

    >Display looks like safe mode (picture is of the look of desktop).



    >Not in safe mode.

    >Does a Google.

    >Google says to revert drivers.

    >Tries to revert drivers





    >Computer says to restart

    >Makes this status update

    >Computer says to update drivers

    >Clicks message.

    >Drivers update.

    1. Pyromailmann


      >Restart PC

      >Looks at PC

      >PC... is fixed.

      >Internal Joy is boosted greatly

  14. "You're going to kill me anyways, Lipton, you should do it now. It won't matter if I'm Mafia or not, clearly, you won't even apologize if I gave you a letter saying I'm sorry. The thing is too, I am sorry, I'm being truly honest, I want to clear things between us, you won't listen. Nobody ever listens to me." Pyro tries to cry but he can't so he just looks sad. "I'm not going to vote you off. I won't. I just want to make things alright between us. Even if you won't forgive me, we've all got lives to live. Here, or somewhere else. And if I'm voted off like a pet sent to be euthanized, then I just want you to remember, I tried to be a good person. Even if nobody cared." Pyro then stares at Lipton and looks at the fireplace. A tear finally rolls down the side of his face. "Listen, Host, I understand you're just doing what you've probably planned out, or were told to do, but listen, if anybody deserves to die anymore, it's me. Everybody who has died, or is alive now has much more interesting lives than I do. All I do is work at a railroad pulling freight, or sometimes passengers now, if that sounds interesting to you, then I don't know what will even if nobody cares about my death, I just want to die knowing that people who most likely deserve it go on living." Pyro looks at the ground, another tear rolling down his face. "Now, I'm going to drink some more Chocolate Milkshakes at the bar so that even if I die, I die with Chocolate in my system."
  15. "I may as well be the first one to vote, so I'll vote for the host. Because even if we die, he dies, and scorched earth tactics never backfire."
  16. MFW<Nobody does anything for days in Mafia.

  17. Pyro looks around. Literally nothing suspicious is going on. He decides to pull out another piece of paper he found in the library and draw on it. ... He doesn't know what to draw.
  18. Pyro watched as Chris slapped air. "Don't go psycho on us, Chris, we already have Lipton. And to be honest, you wouldn't want to compete with Lipton, she'd probably kill another serial killer for competition or something." Pyro looked at Lipton and headed up to the library to write a small note. He came back and placed it onto the ground nearby Lipton. The note reads as follows: He went back to the spot he sat in before and closed his eyes.
  19. Pyro looked up as Mobb ran. "I'm sorry if I scared you, it's a natural reflex left over from an old life!"
  20. Pyro awoke abrupty while Mobbstar was scanning him and threw a punch that missed. "Don't you even dare. Give me one good reason why I'd kill someone."
  21. Pyro decides it's a good idea to sleep seeing as everything is still boring. He wished he could have a phone, but seeing as he'd rather not disrupt the Mafia-style, he decided through a process of elimination to sleep.
  22. Pyro groans, disgruntled by the lack of people doing anything. " "
  23. Pyro emerges from the Dining Hall passing Chris going insane over a bowl of candy. And back into the lounge. He then walks over to the TV and checks the channels. "Does anybody think anything good is on? There doesn't seem to be any computers and while I'd love to sit at a computer all day, I can't. Also, just asking, does anybody remember anything suspicious before we came in to the Mansion? Like anything that would look out of place."