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  1. Why can't torch Night Light?

    He’s saying that everything that accepts fuel cannot be set on fire in any way.
  2. How to use tail o'three cats?

    I once got our good ol’ friend Deerclops silent with it. I didn’t realise it at the time though...
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Klei themselves have posted a meme. Not a Maxwell meme, but a meme nonetheless Source:
  4. Please...

    I do like the original SW theme, but I like the one we have now more. If anything though, I'd rather have the Main DS Theme back... I get hit with nostalgia every time I listen to it.
  5. Summary of Rework Ideas for Winona

    I personally like the tape being able to repair tools and armour alongsides clothes, but I think it should repair less % than the sewing kit does for clothes. Otherwise, the sewing kit would become obsolete. Not sure about it being able to repair magic items though. I guess duct tape repairs anything, but I would rather have all magic items be able to be"repaired" with nightmarefuel. Her being to dodge one Charlie hit and crafting faster can stay, in my opinion. Although I wouldn't be too devastated if either were to be replaced.
  6. Don't Starve Historia

    I thought this was a reference to the Screecher mod they did. I guess it does make sense, but I find it a bit of a stretch. Also, you're missing the supposed Voxola (That radio that Wilson has in that video) and how Maxwell would've known about it.
  7. bug

    Seems to me that you are hosting a world client-side. Such worlds only run when you are actively in the world. I'm not too keen on hosting dedicated servers, but I'm sure there are many people around here that do know all the things to get you started. If you ARE hosting a dedicated, then you are indeed experiencing a bug. In that case, you can ignore this post entirely.
  8. I was already filled with hype for solely Winona. You nearly killed me Klei, and I'm not even mad.
  9. Winona confirmed perks

    Wait what? When was that said exactly?
  10. [H] Don't starve together [N] cs : go

    @ImDaMisterL, I'm guessing this needs to be moved to the trading forums.
  11. how do you get charecter skins?!

    Hmm... HMm? HMM?! Anyhoo, just owning the game doesn't get you skins. You need to actually play and live. It can take a long while to get one, and just playing for 5 minutes ain't going to get you any skins. Also... if this is about a cracked version of the game, then I can't and simply won't help you.
  12. Don't Starve Shower Thoughts

    @KoreanWaffles, I can actually answer the rabbit question. Back when DS was in beta, or perhaps even before that, rabbits used to be called 'Jackalope', which are, iirc, rabbits that indeed would have antenna's. That, or I'm going mad.
  13. fun cheats

    @JohnWatson, as silly as it may look, I can't get it to work. Do I need to paste it somewhere other than the console in order to make the... thing work? The entire code doesn't seem to fit into the console.
  14. How is it possible that Klei makes the exact type of game that I was hoping to find during the sale? I can't wait!
  15. Come on, why'd you go off-topic in that thread you recently commented on? That was kind of rude.

    1. WishIHadAFridge


      Ah yes, I see what you mean.

      My apologies.