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  1. I forgot whether I craft this or I picked it up in one of those chests, but it says 102%
  2. I have no idea what cause the crash so here is what I did I brought a mandrake from the store, and when I came out from the store a thief come to me as usual I pull my blow dart and read to attack him after I press down F key, game crash I did not carry anything abnormal though so I firgure might be something wrong with the mandrake
  3. 40 petals on the floor in slanty shanty, when they rot, they disapper on the floor (I havent tested other pig house or shop)
  4. When i tried to pick up the halberd on the ground in ROG world it causes game crash. Then i repeated several times to make sure that. And then i test several others things I brought from Hamlet and they are fine, no crash(pistol, centapiece, magic flower and pith-hat)
  5. Version 1.2


    We are really sorry for the mistakes we made in the last version that cause the game crashed, and we fixed it now. This is a bat guy(not batman thx QAQ), a monster from the darkness. Health:175 Hunger:175 Sanity:100 -Brings a lot of his own stuff. -A monster and bat(call bat to help when he is attacked) -Prefer darkness and get stronger We are glad to hear suggestions from you guys and hope you guys can support our works in the future.
  6. There are some suggestions I have after I played your mod: 1. It seems that no response after feeding the pigman 2. Can't sleep? I guess I can at the beginning and when it comes to day 30+ I can't sleep But anyway this mod is so good~ I really like it