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  1. 7:12 "Wickerbottom died of old age" ... ... ... "Sideview died laughing".
  2. Combine "a certain level of sanity" with "a certain level of hunger" and it's ok.
  3. Haha, I would be happy if it's related to Marx brothers.
  4. Congrats to @Solander and his girlfriend ! Now we have to wait for the next part. *Cooking some fish, it's good for brain* EDIT : Ooooooh... I'm a Prototypist !
  5. Oh. I think i got something : what if we have to find some things that do nothing alone, but together make another thing ?
  6. Looking at the source code of the page : the first entry must be something that is "alone", and the second entry somethings that are "together". And the background picture is called "wish upon a star".
  7. Looking at the source code of the page, we definetely have to write resources names + their value. It's a recipe. MAD SCIENCE IS HERE !
  8. So, if I'm guessing well, on this page you have to write one of the word found in the notereader.lua in each dark red square, and a specific number (or sign found at the end of the .lua file) in each light square. This may result in the page giving us the answer, or a part of the answer. On the map, we can see that there may be a total of 17 notes so there may be a total of 17 "recipes". Hope this can help someone to solve the puzzle.
  9. 70% rain protection and same insulation as the Tam O' Shanter.
  10. If you don't take any damage, it's a bug. But the damage reduction from wearing both armor and helmet is high enough to make you lose only a ridiculously low amount of health, so you probably didn't noticed the loss.
  11. Just bring your bird with you when you explore, and put it back into the cage when you need to convert some food into eggs/special seeds. That's how I do.