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  1. +1 But it also works if it's outdoors. I always have a fan indoors and outdoors by my base and I noticed I never had to turn them on for fever to go away.
  2. I haven't tried that specific pig but I'm sure it should apply to it as well.
  3. +1, birds stop spawning before second season for me. Reloading save file usually fixes it but after a certain amount of days they stop spawning again. Using the feather hat spawns some, but eventually they stop spawning with the feather hat as well for me.
  4. I only give one Collector pig my relics, because I intend to trap him, kill him (he drops all his items given), collect all my relics and give it to another Collector pig. Turns out Collector pigs have a certain amount of inventory. My pig got maxed out, gave me a 10 piece, dropped a relic because he had no space for it. You could virtually keep getting infinite oincs since you get a relic back, it just takes a lot of relics to fill his inventory up. GIF attached, he drops the relic, and a 10 piece gets added to my inventory.
  5. When using a moleworm to loot the rocks at the pig town miner areas, the moleworm steals all the rocks. If you kill the moleworm and loot the rocks that the moleworm drops, the guards get mad. To be honest I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, I would have to test whether or not if the mole eats non-stolen rocks in addition to stolen rocks and it still angers the guards.
  6. When inside the bat caves at daytime standing in darkness there is no sanity drop, but darkness can still attack. The sanity drop standing in darkness only works when it's dusk or night time, but morning there is no sanity drop.
  7. +1, The BFB attempts to slam on player-made farms as well, and doesn't destroy them.
  8. +1, I managed to kill the extra RoBin and it never spawned back, then I just left the extra stone away. At first I thought that the RoBin had two eyes missing so two stones spawned, haha.
  9. When an aggressive mob is chasing you and you exit the room to re enter it, the mobs aggression isn't lost thus hitting you while you're still transitioning into the room. This drops your armor durability each time as if you were hit but your HP remains untouched. There was a time where I was transitioning and the aggressive mob (Mant warriors) shredded through my log suit and football helmet before I was able to move.
  10. Did you also transfer to the next room and they didn't follow you or got stuck outside the room? Did you go back and they suddenly all became aggressive towards you? Because that's what happened to me and I'm curious before I submit/edit my other post.
  11. After a certain amount of days, for me it's around 30+, going anywhere indoors (ruins, houses, shops, mant hive) my FPS drops extremely from 60 fps to lowest 5-20. I saw somewhere that posting a profile might help? I'm not sure really. Right now my current save is on day 55. Maybe it's because I've explored almost all of the ruins entirely? My computer's specs are decent, if not better. AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 Series 8G RAM profile.json
  12. So, at night time, I pissed off some guards by using a hound tooth trap to attack the Pig Queen, they fell asleep after entering the palace and was still sleeping past morning. So I figured it was no big deal because they never directly attack me, just kept running around in the palace room then fell asleep. Later exploring the ruins I noticed the pig guard running sound so I waited a bit to see this determined guy chasing me outside of the room. (The hound tooth trap didn't work on Wilba) Edit: He seems to always be at all of the ruins entrances. I entered 3 different ruins and he was there on all of them.
  13. When you hammer a smashing pot, and rejoin the area you're able to smash it again for no extra loot. It even brings back the original unsmashed pot sprite then breaks it down again.
  14. Hovering over shelving in the Spa Shop said "pick up missing name" when clicked to buy, game crashed. Log attached log.txt
  15. I entered the flower shop which is dangerously close to the edge, when I had exited, it only pushes me out on the clouds. Attempting to angle the camera to be pushed on the other side doesn't work to go back on land either.
  16. The map just barely generated a pig knight off the land. While opening the map, it's hard to tell that he did not spawn correctly. Save file attached porkland_3_dlc_porkland.txt
  17. After a bat attack came, pig knights were killing them and I was looting the spoils, then I got a crash. Log attached log.txt
  18. Yes, the vines are unhacked, I'm still able to enter them (just the surface entrance, not the deeper ruins doors) if I equipped a machete, I can hack it to uncover it like it's originally intended, but I can still enter all of the unhacked entrances.
  19. After spawning the pugilisk I ran away towards the jungle where it stopped chasing me. I ran back to try to get my backpack, but it gained aggro again. After doing this about three times, the pugilisk's body got stuck (animation continued, but was in stationary location), the head was nowhere to be seen and all mobs were able to kill it safely, including me.
  20. You can enter vine covered ruin entrances if space is pressed near it or clicked on without holding a machete.
  21. Not sure if intentional, but during fever season the sneezes never trigger on the boat. The whole screen will almost entirely haze up till you click to land and the character will sneeze; and another click to actually exit the boat. (I used wood raft and cork canoe, no additional boat gear)