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  1. Dormant Curse

    You can update the mod for RoG?
  2. Friendly Slurper
  3. Friendly Slurper

    Incredible mod, very good really
  4. Satori, The Mind Reader

    after changing the 5 for 4, when you enable the mod showed you the error in screen? sends a picture of the error to the creator, so he can fix it.
  5. Satori, The Mind Reader Now you know where to find the API
  6. Wilson HD

    found it very good in HD, but you forgot a big promenor, his beard is not in HD. if the body is HD, the beard should be too ... but still look amazing
  7. RPG Mod

    I installed the workshop, is working
  8. RPG Mod

    mod appears always disabled after clicking on it, or say "crashed"
  9. RPG Mod

    the mod called my attention, but still does not work 1.0.5
  10. RPG Mod

    doesn't work for me too, mod crashed