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  1. had the same happen to me twice now after reloading in 2 different worlds
  2. Had the exact thing happening to me today TWICE. Made a world, saved it to get some food, came back a few hours later to continue playing and it won't let me back in. Made a new world and the exact same thing happened again.
  3. This has happened twice now. When I try to open an existing world the game won't let me in. The WARNING! page opens and my only option is to exit the game and send a bug report. This has happened with mods enabled and disabled so it's not because of that. I just start a new slot and then as soon as I leave and want to re-enter the world the game won't let me. I have 2 HAM worlds that won't let me in and 1 shipwrecked world that lets me play normally so it has to be an early access bug.
  4. Shop Restocking: Has anyone else noticed that the shops always restock the tables but never the shelves? When you buy the normal seeds from the shelf in the back of the flower arrangement store they never get restocked, but when I buy, say, a pumpkin-seed from a table it gets replaced immediately. Might be a bug? Willow's Lighter: I know others have had this bug too. Willow leaving a shop or a cave or a house or entering a new room causes the lighter to switch off even though it's still in the hand slot. Manure Sound Bug: Even after picking up poop the sound is still there. Sometimes even after days. Rain: Leaving a shop/house triggers rain almost every time? Invisible Rugs: I have purchased rugs as decoration for the house but every time I want to place it it disappears. I can still 'place' it but it can't be hammered down. Invisible Peakgawk: Has anyone else bated the Peakgawk just to have it turn invisible as soon as it starts walking towards the bate? You can only see a shadow of it on the ground to see where it's going. Shelves don't hold items: I know many have had the shelf problem. Most of the times you can only use one slot (the bottom right) when you build and place a new shelf. You don't have this problem with the cinderblock shelf that is complementary to buying the house. So far it only happened to new shelves. Steamy Cloud Animation Indoors: I've had this ridiculously annoying bug over the last couple of days. You know when you walk to the edge of the map and see the clouds? Sometimes there is a steam-animation, like little puffs of cloud. I started to suddenly have that indoors on the right side of the room/cave/shop. Like the game was thinking I was standing on the edge of the map. I can't place anything on that side and when I drop stuff or mine something it disappears in a steamy cloud puff as if I just dropped it off a cliff. It's super random and I've only had it in 2 games so far. When it's there it's in EVERY room/cave/shop.