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  1. For me it happens with seemingly random blocks but much more frequently on 'buried object' blocks... or at least it displays that icon on them. The way I've worked around it is canceling the dig, saving and reloading the game.
  2. I've also noticed it happens much more frequently on 'buried object' spaces.
  3. I noticed this eventually as well, the only way to fix it is to rebuild them. *sigh*
  4. Pumping water from one place to another causes rapid losses in volume, particularly with a vent. Emptying out the whole top area into the bottom area yielded ~2 blocks deep of water, big loss there... Then pumping it down into the tank next to my purifiers caused a complete loss in any visual water, however, It says 4000g of water, fluctuating between that and ~17 to ~70 g. NOT Kg. Is this a problem of units, or is it the use of the vent that's causing this, producing much less water than it actually has in the pipes? EDIT: Sorry in that image the pump has no power, but even when powered the pump will not pump, or it does for a tiny amount and then stops.
  5. When pumping gas, space immediately inside is replaced by vaccum, and pump says 'not in gas'. Hydrogen did not spread and replace the removed gas as water would. Reloading game fixed it temporarily, but returned to not being in gas.
  6. Lavatory is continually in use despite being empty visually and of dupes. Causes it to be unusable and also infinitely drain water. possibly caused by pumping cont. water into it?
  7. Seemingly random blocks will become stuck at 99/100% excavated and then a dupe will continue to dig the empty space forever. Block will visually be gone, but functionally there (dupes will climb over it, can't build there) Fixed by reloading save, but comes back in a new instance inevitably. EDIT: same as "Invisible block bug"
  8. Can't believe I just spent all night reading this whole thread, and Miss's comic. so gooood. I recently got back into don't starve and as always I get all into the plot line. It's amazing, truly. Wanted to say I admire your bravery and artwork and I hope to someday be pumping out work too.