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  1. Hey, you can't just stop at this point. That started too awesome.
  2. Hey guys, I got some problems here. I found this tree some days ago, but there was no house around it. I thought that doesn't matter and just continued playing. After dying I started a new game, found the tree and the house, all seemed working correctly. But when I went to the caves (in spring) I got crash just after a loading screen. upd I disabled the mod and a creepy thing happened next. I woke up in the caves and chester ran away from me with all my instruments to the batiliscs' territory, just like there was someone else with another eyebone... Batiliscs were so many, I decided to return in my base and prepare a little better. But when I escaped the caves another chester came to me somwhere from the north. He was empty. Then I went into the caves and back twice and this thing didn't happen again.
  3. Cool mod, but I think it would be better if the number of targets was less. Why do beefalos and bunnymen eat this? Can I change this for myself in some way?
  4. Did the working stop? I like this mod much and still hope to get the next update (rebalance and a new sword).
  5. Very nice character, unusual and interesting. Correctly works with "up and away" and many other mods on.
  6. Did you try 0.0.5 version? What about my bug with autostoring of the weapon in hand to the containers? Did you face that?
  7. Is that blue crystal axe infinite? I chopped with it about 10 trees and it's still 100%. A little OP, I think, blue crystals are pretty common in cloudrealm.
  8. Well, it helps sometimes, especially if someone for some reasons plays not the latest version of game.)
  9. In the folder of mod there is file "modinfo.lua". Open it (I use the program called "Notepad"). You will see beside all something like "API version = 6". Try to change it into 5 or 4, save changes and enable mod than.
  10. Did you try to change the mod's API?
  11. I downloaded 0.0.5 version and now I can't open containers with something in my hands - it automatically stores (or tryes to store) an instrument inside. Returning to 0.0.4 version solved this.
  12. No, I neither played Wren nor touched golden eggs. That were Wilson and Wendy.