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  1. It's really nice, why thank you for showing this. (Sorry I wasn't understand the languages) But I see that this mod is still need to be fix, especially the art textures. Perhaps when the third mod is out I able to make out for it. And then again, Thank you.
  2. Are you sure? It's works perfectly fine with me but since I'm seeing this I just have to put it back to basic. Anyway thank you for mentioning this, I'll try to fix it in the short.
  3. Ah, thanks again. Appreciate it, really.
  4. Will do, I upload it with a mistakes files though
  5. 5716 downloads

    Note: This is a beta character so it's still in progress. A custom characters compatible with or without RoG DLC. These characters for both EXTREME easy mode and drop to hell situation, they gave a satisfying results and the most frustrating problems encounter. Like Traveler is stronger than Wolfgang but she's get hungry very quickly and need to fight or hunt for foods. The Traveler Stats : Health - 200 Hunger - 400 Sanity - 100 Started with : -Hat Thing -5 Meaty Stew Don't have a name, just a "Traveler", likes to joke and punning around but really bad about it. Loves to eat a lot too. -She have huge stomach but easily getting hungry. -Smaller sanity but hardly decrease, increase when gets near any negative aura. -Since she's strong, chopping and mining is easy for her. -She have a night vision but it will fade away if she's getting hungrier. Craftable Items: -Canered -Boomered -Pack Red (RoG) Focus - Hunt for buffet. The Miner Stats : Health - 40 Hunger - 150 Sanity - 200 Started with : -Mine hat -Pickaxe -Spear One of Traveler's friend, bad temper and loves both mining and fighting. -She have her own armor to craft at war tab, Minermor. -Her Minermor won't flinch a damages. -She's too OP that could kill everyone in one hit but better watch out your health when in battles. -Chopping and Mining is highly easy for her. Focus - Safety first. Coming Soon - The Farmer Not much but at least I shared what I can do though. Critique is needed so I may trying to improve myself. If bugs found, quickly mention it to me. Update: Traveler's new craftable items and voices