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  1. When the bug happened to me, the bulbs were surrounded by desert turf (which works the same as carpeted turf). However, I had a 2x2 patch of forest turf so I could use the eyeplants from some of the bulbs as a garbage bin, which I never ended up actually using for those 55 days. Only the bulbs that had their eyeplants exposed for the 55 days spat out hundreds of leafy meat when they hibernated in winter.
  2. I don't have any pictures of the actual event happening, but here's some of the leftover leafy meat I bundled up. Each of the 3 bundling wraps on the bottom row of the chest is full of them, totaling 240 leafy meat. The rest I left to rot.
  3. That's all I know about it. It just sort of happened randomly and it's never happened before, and hasn't happened since. No idea what caused it in particular, but for complete replication purposes, some of the lureplants had their eyeplants exposed, and the ones with the exposed eyeplants spat out the leafy meat, and the ones that didn't, didn't.
  4. I managed to replicate the bug in my 200 day world. It's not rot that the lureplants produce, it's leafy meat. I had the bulbs planted for 3 seasons (or 55 days), planting them on the first day of spring. On the first day of the next winter, they proceeded to spit out profuse amounts of leafy meat. I had about 8 lureplants doing this in a small area, and it accumulated about 1600 leafy meat, which eventually rotted. I thought about what could be causing this, and the closest thing that I can think of is the lureplants producing new leafy meat when the old one spoils, but for some reason the spoiled leafy meat doesn't turn into rot and just stays as fresh leafy meat inside the bulb's inventory until winter, when the plant dies. Maybe that's what's causing this?
  5. Hi everyone, I'm having trouble making a circuit that has two doors linked to each other so that if one is open, the other is closed. I want it so that if a duplicant steps on the weight plate past the door, they have 10 seconds before the door they walked through closes and the door in the other room opens. The automation I have atm only does that for as long as the buffer/filter gate lasts, but I would like it to last until the weight plate in the other room is activated. How do I do this? Automation:
  6. Screenshot showcase

    Day 250 follow up from the pink campfire: Cooked up some tasty beans. Cheesed some lunar events. I present the upgrade to pink campfire, PINK EVERYTHING Cheesed some miserable toadstools. And to wrap it all up, 1/4 done my 1000 day goal, my base at day 250!
  7. Screenshot showcase

    Late night ornament fishing with a friendly lagomorph.
  8. The Cute Animal Thread

    May as well add my cat to the mix.
  9. The hats' debugspawns are as follows: Blue Funcap: "blue_mushroomhat" Green Funcap: "green_mushroomhat" Red Funcap: "red_mushroomhat"
  10. Getting agents to have 8 augment slots is surprisingly simple, actually. No kwad tools needed. Simply follow the following steps: 1. Open, located in wherever you put your steam folder/steam/steamapps/common. 2. Open the sim folder. 3. Open the unitdefs folder. 4. Open the agentdefs file. Now, scroll down until you see " cyborg_1 " (it's a fair bit of scrolling down, around halfway through the file.) This template represents Sharp, and one of his traits is " augmentMaxSize=6 ", found in " traits = util.extend ", under cyborg_1. Change this to however many slots you want, and copy " augmentMaxSize=(however many you want) " to your clipboard. Paste this in each agent's template directly to the right of " mpMax = 8, " and keep it within the " }, " bracket. Voila! Should work as planned. If you need any more help, just ask REMEMBER TO SAVE before exiting!
  11. MorePlantables

    I've been a huge fan of your mods for a long time. I think this would be an amazing addition to your mod; diggable cacti. That's all. Of course, if you don't have reign of giants, you don't have to. It's just a thing that would be really great for if you did have it. Thanks Love your work! EDIT: The art for dug reeds is already in the game files. You could make it so you have to plant it on desert ground and that you have to fertilize it (optional). That's just my recommendation, but it is your mod after all, so you have the freedom of choice.
  12. Deep-Freezer

    I've been happily using this mod for a long time, however, I've noticed one major flaw. When you put even a single birchnut inside the deep freezer and close it, it displays the light blue tint over the birchnut. Yet, there is no percentage or "countdown" until it will thaw, rendering it frozen forever. I'm assuming this is due to the fact that it is an item that is placeable in an ice box, however, it lacks the food tag. I've thought of a solution. Perhaps you could add the food tag to the birchnut, but because it's texture looks rather pointy, make it deal roughly 3-5 damage or so to you when you eat it, making it an item that you can eat, but there's no use for you to, which will fix the compatibility issue with the deep freezer. Just a thought. Really like the mod by the way.
  13. Wilson's Friendship Wand

    If you befriend a Varg, does it still howl? If so, are the summoned hounds your allies too or still hostile towards you, and even to the Varg itself?
  14. Up and Away

    Just a quick find. Once I beat the Octocopter, I couldn't find any parts around the map. What do I do?