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  1. @PeterA, thank you for the speedy response! I was of course using the documented instructions given on the github. I figure most of it out but I currently still have to use my mac in conjunction with my laptop PC in order to work with a mod that I am creating, which is tiresomely inconvenient. One issue was that if a premake4 instance is not in the 'usr/local/bin' then premake will not be globally available in the terminal so it would constantly need to be locally declared. Second, the directory in the terminal MUST be change to point where the 'premake4.lua' is. This was the instructions that I ran to this point. I noticed that I kept getting an error Line 130 of the premake4.lua file so I decided so check it out. And I found 3 instances where the Options_os variable differed from the given options. (Using var ‘osx’ and ‘macosx’ interchangeably) after correcting the code it seemed to have run premake4 fine and created files in the builds/osx folder so i ran the next command. but the python folder is empty and the none tools run. Are they command line based or guy based? is something else needed?
  2. @PeterA after much hardship i finally found the mod tools for mac on github but now it seems to be a problem building it. i keep getting an error stating unsupported os... is it because im on the latest version of mac osx? or did i install premake4 wrong? any help is welcome
  3. theres a modtools release for mac? does someone have the link? I cant find it. Edit: I downloaded the version for pc on my laptop which gave me NEW probs. when running the autocompiler i get an error that says Import error: No module named argparse. ERROR: Command failed!
  4. how would i auto compile on a mac when mod tools is for pc? any help is welcomed
  5. :'(... ok sorry for wasting your time man... ill just wait for the next patch update.... D:
  6. i undersand.... but starter item overrides you have also take presidence over the other mod's starter items. D: plus as a suggestion is their a aura script that you can give the dark knight that makes flower turn evil? i feel that its something that ANY evil person has the power to do when they enter something as pure as a flowers presence; correupt it . plus i noticed that he still takes a sanity hit when planting evil flowers also!
  7. will you be updating anytime soon? if so, i was wondering if you could add a math.random function that makes the birds have a 40-50% chance to drop evil seeds the was they spawn normal ones... Im currently using this but it seems that in activating this mode it PURELY ceases the spawning of normal seeds altogether. you can still get seed through special means (ei. tumbleweeds) and such but it is still much of an inconvenience.
  8. is there going to be an update that allows you to incorporate custom characters from other popular mods (beatrice, puppy princess, ect) and still keep the overall aspect of this mods' features?(leveling system, character naming, events, recipes ect) im a HUGE fan of this mod and if you need artwork or anything ill be down to assist when im off from work...
  9. It gives me a Crashed on Last load so now it keeps saying 'To be Disabled' after countless times of me enabling the mod
  10. sorry for the mia.... so many new games came out lately that i took a leave of absence from Dont Starve. But anyway. after updating i see that you toned down on the sounds which is GREAT!!! but still, the same thing happens that if the lucy axe is dropped (dropped at base, die, ect) then the item does not have a prompt to allow it to be picked up again! it just becomes a peice of the landscape or like Excalibur lol. i checked out your code and i DIDNT modify anything lol (dont want you to be mad or violate terms) but i DID notice that you do not have a script to allow the item to be picked up if for some case it is taken from the inventory. (this excludes chests of any kind)
  11. Talintid


    Bro..... I LOVE this mode.... but it seems as though the pheromones GUI doesnt work on 'where theres a wilson RoG' is there a way i can bind it to a button config or better yet, my controller? i REALLY want to enjoy the fullness of this mod but i feel prohibited... D: UPDATE**** Ive found that it works but just not for controllers... is there a way that you can add a button binding in the config for keyboards and controllers? I noticed that when Generic Controller is enabled that your Pheromone GUI becomes inaccessable.
  12. Is there a way that you can make a check to see if a player is using a controller or a mouse? I use my ps3 controller alot and when this mod is enabled, it only snaps to where the mouse pointer is and not the charactor/ player when placing items... I literally have to hover the mouse over my char and keep it there in order to place items
  13. there is a bug that disables certain recipes from tabs when enabling this mod.... one item of which being the heatstone.... please correct this
  14. there is a bug that if you drop it you can no longer pick it back up..... also the electricity/ sounds while not having it equipped is a lil over the top lol.... I dont wanna have a growl in my ear every 10 secs if its not even equipped ijs