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  1. My pleasure. Thanks for the great work you guys are putting in to make such an exceptional mod/expansion.
  2. First things first. Loving the Mod and all that it brings to the table! Still exploring the various playable characters but am very focused on the wizard currently. That being said i seem to have run into a bug that crashes the game. Though not specific to the wizard himself i find it more of an issue with his spells that use a fire mechanic. (btw the aoe explosion on fireball makes the risk reward of the spell quite balanced, ive caught myself in it countless times lol) The issue is with respect to the randomly map generated loot chests. and seems to affect at least 2 of the types that i have discovered. (haven't tried it on the 2 upper tier chests) Back when the chests were smashable i just hammered them open for the loot inside and went on my merry way, until i saved and tried to load the game which instantly crashed. (learned my lesson and so did you guys i guess because the chests became unsmashable w/ the hammer.) Needless to say i gave up on glitching my way to the loot and just farmed up some keys and lived happily ever after... until now. In my careless disregard for how many goblins i was burning to death with the "wall of fire" spell. I accidentally burnt both (in seperate instances) a wooden chest and skeleton chest in the lair. This of course caused the chest to disappear and drop its non burnable loot on the ground. I continued to play thinking nothing of it until i saved/quit and then reloaded my game and tried to enter that specific level of the lair again, at which point the same prompt crash as when i had hammered the chests open/destroyed from before. Ill attach the crash file when i get the chance but i think the simple fix might be to make the loot chests nonflammable as well. Last but not least, Loving this Mod from begining to end and still exploring!
  3. Just when i thought i'd done it all. My curiosity is rekindled. Well played sir, well played. Though i find face tanking the warg as soon as you see him with a ham bat and log suit an exceedingly effective strategy. But most effective when done immediatly when you see him to minimize the hounds summoned. Though your way gets Major style points if you got it to work!
  4. interesting related tidbit. if you tank grue at night while wearing a thulecite helm when you get the invulnerable bubble which lights up and delays the grue for a small duration again =) what a long night that was
  5. My new world has a lovely reed trap that I intend to use for my amusement on all but the dragonfly!!
  6. im pretty sure this is the same issue presented here in this thread below and they are looking into it so hopefully itll be all fixed soon and because it occurs in way it does sort of like a failed check i belive that it should render our game files playable once they implement the fix because.
  7. I'm going to jump in on this thread because my issue is very similar (playing Wigfrid in RoG though I don't believe it makes a difference here). Dealing with caves however, it is when i come up to the surface that i experience the crash. Much like @kostasa7 said as soon as I land from coming up onto the surface it crashes. Below is the last bit from the log file that shows on the error screen. I tried to repeat it in a second already in progress game playing as Wes also in a RoG game (thinking maybe it had something to do with the new update) but have not been able to do so. (though i am glad because that would mean a 2nd unplayable save slot haha). .../dont_starve/data/scripts/prefabs/deciduoustrees.lua:278: bad argument #1 to 'OverrideSymbol' (string expected, got nil)LUA ERROR stack traceback: =[C] in function 'OverrideSymbol' C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/prefabs/deciduoustrees.lua(278,1) in function 'fn' C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/entityscript.lua(693,1) in function 'PushEvent' C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/mainfunctions.lua(241,1)scripts/frontend.lua(712,1) SCRIPT ERROR! Showing error screen if there is anything else i can post to help out pls let me know. (would hate to lose 400 days but such is the glory of beta and early release) Beautiful art and mechanics in RoG. Great work!