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  1. Using the Seaworthy, we can select different world settings when we create an RoG world to connect to SW. I tried to do an RoG world with no hounds and it appears that since then no hound appear at all in SW. I didn't try yet if other settings like the length of days or seasons was also affecting SW but it might be possible.
  2. Selecting sandbags in RoG crashes the game
  3. I have been trying to go to a RoG world of mine then crafted the seaworthy to come back to my original world but then all my prefabs were locked again as if i never crafted anything. Hopefully my base is right next to the seaworthy in shipwrecked so i can unlock everything again safely but i had been somewhere else i would have had some troubles.
  4. Very nice idea and nice work To make it more balanced I think I would increase the recipe materials required to the full cost of a bee-box + some extra planks and fish: 10 boards, 1 honeycomb, 4 bees and 2 fish (so they could reproduce ). This way it's still not too expensive since you get honeycomb when you get the bees and it makes players choose if they rather want honey or fishes. edit: i just realized that there might be a limit of 3 components for crafting, if so then 10 boards, 4 bees and 2 fish would be fine.