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  1. Up and Away

    Thanks ^.^
  2. Up and Away

    I can find the umbrella guy, i created a new game only with Up and Away mod on. what could that be?
  3. RPG Mod

    Make a new game without RoG expansion, only regular Don´t Starve and have fun, you char will eat exptokens.
  4. RPG Mod

    No Wei2014 , still not improving exp but if you begin a new game without RoG, RPG Mod works just fine but i miss RoG monsters, itens and cute raccons lol. But i will wait till you and jimmeh57 figure out how to work with DLC. Thanks for the help, keep ut up! RPG Mod really rocks can play DS without it ^.^
  5. RPG Mod

    Hmmm character can eat EXPtokens but is not improving levels
  6. RPG Mod

    Its worked, my Wilson is eating EXPToken again, thanks a lot Wei2014. Bro, you know a lot!
  7. RPG Mod

    After the last update my characters are not eating xp tokens anymore.
  8. [MOD] Hero in the Dark

    Bird Tokens:, when you kill a bird its drops a coin,, when you get it says Bird Token. There are pigs in game that ask for items like Worm Token, Spider King Token, when you give the item to the pig its dissapear and give you strange meat, i think is a quest.
  9. [MOD] Hero in the Dark

    It works perfectly here, but i only got 2 chars. What do i do with birds tokens?