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  1. Hey Mr. Tiddles, I've come across an issue with "Up and Away". When you use the talk action on the shopkeeper to get things started, Warfarin just stands there and the shopkeeper doesn't respond. I've come across another player with the same issue in the "Up and Away" thread. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/609-up-and-away/?st=170#commentsStart
  2. Getura, I am having the exact same problem with Warfarin as well. I wonder if it has something to do with Warfarin and the removal of his "speech" so to speak. Have you made any mention of this to Mr.Tiddles(Warfarin dev) yet by any chance?
  3. Just a heads up, I've found a slight "incompatibility" (maybe that's the wrong word here, since it's more of a graphical glitch) when this mod is active along with Fidooop's "Nightmare Crafting Tab". The transparency effect will perpetually flicker on and off whenever it's called from either your mod, or his. It doesn't seem to affect the sneaking mechanic at all, and is generally just annoying to look at. Aside from that, I'll just say that while I generally stay away from any kind of custom characters, this character is by far on of my favorite's to play. Super huge fan of your mods man, always looking forward to what you put out next! ^ ^