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  1. Hi, I ve a question about your topic, what is "Yining don't starve pratical modified skills" ?
  2. you can check "Mystery Kids" the guys with book ve the random spawn spot for the book 1 & 2 (you begin with book 3 "T1 recipe")
  3. Yeah great, thanks Danna i've look at "Musha" and he use this technique, now you ve answer at ll my question . So i'am going to my pen, and i ll be back soon ^^ !
  4. Okay, same for my avatar pic because i can't set one x) So now you can pm i thinks ?
  5. Hi, Do you ve still Velvet Assasin ? (i ve post in another thread bad ass i'am)
  6. Can't Edit post ? Sorry for 2x post but if you use preset char can you say "who" you use for each char ? Like "Druid = Wendy" for example. Because position of element from texture are not same for all char.
  7. Okay so i ve made some try and i fugire a issue, i need more information to continue. When you ve create your char what kind of support you use ? I mean two big school is working right now : Ppl who use base char Ppl who use "Danna Tutorial" The big question is what you ve use with your group ? Because the X by X are not same 1024x1024 for dev and 1024x512 for Dana sheet To make a descend char i need to know or we can get some issue like bad texture or even worst ^^ !
  8. Yeah very nice, the spell look like "evard's black tentacles" ! Count on me for testing and maybe more if i can. I'll do some sample with informations you got me. So what you wana first is a sprite or just a sample CRS (char reference sheet) of the chars ?
  9. Hi great project, i'am a big fan of D&D (13 years spend in "GM" role and few in gamer). Hope you ll get out this mod . You included my fav class, the Druid hope your's ll be better than other "summoner" char i ve already see around mod. I'am bit hopless to find a descent char (not op or not buggy ) in Don't Starve. So you wana to keep artistic style of don't Starve, that can be great i'am a little bit artist and ve make some art for ppl or even my "game", but not at all great ^^. Maybe i can try some samples but not sur to be able to make better than Dana ! Regards.