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  1. Overlord's Art Muddlings

    how does robot face work, even? how does a robot emote? i will never tell
  2. Pros : Can go ages without eating Cons : Will go completely mad at the drop of a hat. Absolutely bonkers. I have no IDEA what happened to the image quality here but oh well.
  3. Overlord's Art Muddlings

    Hah, guilty as charged! I love one robot ... Wendy's around 12-14ish in my mind? She's just very tall because the Carter family has those giraffe genes. (One day Wendy will be as tall as Maxwell, if not taller, and he should be afraid for when that day comes.)
  4. Overlord's Art Muddlings

    Working on character designs and references < Drawing Wendy being Goth Plus, a quick bonus moment from DST :
  5. Overlord's Art Muddlings

    Thank you!! ^^ I'm not sure if I'll do all of them, but Wendy, Webber, and Woodie are guaranteed - everyone else is pretty likely, though, they've been very fun to draw concepts of so far!!
  6. I wanna do a comic in the future (for a fic I'm writing) and right now am just trying to figure out designs and whatnot, so there's gonna be a lot of that for a while, I guess! Right now I just have some early design concepts, and this thread may be slow to update. We'll see! WX-78 - Normal and Shadow skins. It's very short - only about 3 feet tall!
  7. Recently, a good friend of mine picked up DST, and we've been playing together pretty regularly on worlds I host (+the occasional addition of our respective partners on occasion). It's been a ... learning experience, and I can image I'll be updating this as we continue to learn the ropes - with me, at times. I haven't played since shortly before Shipwrecked became playable, and it's been ... an experience. An experienced best described as 'WX refuses to stop fighting bosses poorly while Wendy struggles to survive.' 1) Our first winter together was when I was just hopping back to the game, and badly out of practice. We based next to a killer bee biome, within walking distance of a swamp, and it was a solid days' walk south to reach beefalo and our pig village. Not ideal. Wendy was down by the beefalo, trying and failing to get fur so we could survive the winter. I was up another day's north doing ... something. It was the first few days of winter, and we'd just got past a hound attack, so we weren't really on edge. A mistake. I'm hearing impaired, and tend to categorize some things as 'background noise' when they aren't. For example ... the deerclops' breathing. I was just happily chopping wood when everything got very bad very quickly. It spawned and I was stuck with a single winter hat and tentacle spike, slowly but surely trying to kite it with no fire materials, no food, no armor, and about 8 spider nests all around me. Sweet, sweet Wendy decided to try to make the trek up to help me, and ... it was definitely their first winter. While I was madly trying to take down my cyclopean nightmare, every three or four minutes I'd see [Wendy has died of freezing]. Repeatedly. I refused to leave the deerclops, determined to take it down while I was there, while sweet Wendy tried and failed to reach me through a maze of spiders and killer bees. They finally reached me, five days later - a few seconds after I finally took 'clops down. 2) The marble pieces for the structures you have to repair? I'm still not sure what they're eventually used for, but ... we found one, and I had never seen it before. Wendy got curious and picked it up. And couldn't figure out how to put it down. I panicked around them in circles, trying in vain to feed them myself and keep everything bright enough, until halfway through the next day they figured it out. 3) Also during our first winter, we had some pengulls spawn near our camp. Wendy wanted to take them on, but while my brain didn't remember the pure murder these flightless birds can rain down upon the unlucky, my heart did, and we avoided them. Which worked out in our favor, in the end - various pengull nests that winter (post-Deerclops) took out a spider queen, and approximately 20 clockworks from a modded trap set piece that would have otherwise flattened us. Useful, but I feel like if I see a penguin in real life now it'll instantly activate my fight or flight response. Caves have been rough so far since we both have computers that struggle with them, but we've been debating joining a server that has them enabled. A part of me dreads our inevitable demises at whatever horrors of the deep I've forgotten about/have come into being since my last foray into the depths. I've seen mutterings about an 'ancient fuelweaver', as well as stumbled across multiple 'moonrock' statues of questionable origin. I get the feeling we're just getting started with a lot of this.
  8. Recently I've gotten three of my friends to pick up DST, which means I spend most of my time panicked and sprinting between three lost newbies who still don't understand the virtues of staying together when I have to supervise them. Anyways, I manage to get us a decent base going, which I very stupidly allowed to be surrounded by trees, and it's about the beginning of winter. I leave our Willow and Winona unattended at base to bring a some winter gear to our Wilson as they revived, and the suddenly, all I see in the chat is , 'GOD HAS FORSAKEN US' 'NO NO NO NO NO' 'HOW DO I PUT OUT A FIRE' Willow, from what I gathered, went to go set some trees on fire for sanity, without taking any regard to how those fires would spread. To our camp. Winona, bless her heart, managed to save one single crock pot while everything else burned down. I was gone for five minutes.