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  1. how does robot face work, even? how does a robot emote? i will never tell
  2. Pros : Can go ages without eating Cons : Will go completely mad at the drop of a hat. Absolutely bonkers. I have no IDEA what happened to the image quality here but oh well.
  3. Hah, guilty as charged! I love one robot ... Wendy's around 12-14ish in my mind? She's just very tall because the Carter family has those giraffe genes. (One day Wendy will be as tall as Maxwell, if not taller, and he should be afraid for when that day comes.)
  4. Working on character designs and references < Drawing Wendy being Goth Plus, a quick bonus moment from DST :
  5. Thank you!! ^^ I'm not sure if I'll do all of them, but Wendy, Webber, and Woodie are guaranteed - everyone else is pretty likely, though, they've been very fun to draw concepts of so far!!
  6. I wanna do a comic in the future (for a fic I'm writing) and right now am just trying to figure out designs and whatnot, so there's gonna be a lot of that for a while, I guess! Right now I just have some early design concepts, and this thread may be slow to update. We'll see! WX-78 - Normal and Shadow skins. It's very short - only about 3 feet tall!