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  1. Grim from The Grim Adventures

    Currently working on the scythe cause I agree that he should have it... The scythe's stats will most likely be: able to summon shadow tentacles on hit randomly with bat bat damage modifiers (don't want it too overpowered). Grim himself might get a dmg upgrade during dusk/night. Working on it. Going to adjust the scythe a bit... It seems a bit too small... I might be able to dedicate tomorrow (friday) for doing that. My summer job is taking the steam off of me atm.
  2. Trying to create

  3. Version 0.985


    From The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy comes Grim! Reign of Giants compatible! Grim.zip for base game. Grim_rog.zip for Reign of Giants. Play as the grim reaper from one of my favourite shows when I was a kid. Mod contains the scythe of the reaper as a custom weapon. *Custom maxwell intro *Has high health but lower sanity. *Lower sanity drain in the darkness and near monsters. *Starts with his scythe. -scythe spawns shadow tentacles on random occasions after hitting Still some work to be done: - (Better hands) - Custom weapon (or container) - Better facial expressions - Reign of Giants compatibility - Maybe better textures for the scythe - Add sanity gain after killing a creature (or something else?) Made with help from wodbetter by Fidooop and tweaking help by dryicefox. Inspired by an old mod made by cEnaa9.
  4. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    Thanks, it works fine now. Seems like I missed a comma at the end of one of the speech lines. Works with my custom speech lines now too... Yeah the eyes are a bit low for my taste and the side profile looks a bit blocky... Guess I need some kind of converter to access the tex-files' images. No idea what program does that, though. Guess there's some tutorials on that in these forums somewhere...
  5. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    I must be doing something wrong here. I click to enable the mod in game and this (I get stuck in this screen, unable to click or do anything) http://imgur.com/qkIXE2w still happens even with the fixed one you made Dryicefox. I am such a beginner at this, I am sorry. :/ *me literally crying at the screen because of my incompetence with these forums and don't starve modding* I feel so bad. I am sorry if I sounded rude before by not replying to you directly. I didn't mean it at all, man.
  6. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    First of all, I am very sorry for not replying to you directly. The reason for that is I have NO idea how to do that. I searched everywhere for a *click here to send a private message* or anything similar kind of button on your profile, my profile, main page, notifications and everywhere to the point of frustration. I just can't find anything of the sort. I couldn't even post anything on your profile feed, the dialog input was there but when I tried write something there and pushed "ok" it just didn't do anything. I really tried everything. I just can't find it anywhere. Oh god, now I sound like a complete dunce all because I'm new to these forums. You were kind enough to go through the trouble of looking into my problem and solved it and I am very grateful and moved by the fast response, yet I can't find a way in these forums to express my gratitude. I feel so terrible right now. Oh man... Dryicefox, I owe you big time. And please forgive me. You are awesome.
  7. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    I just can't figure out what exactly is wrong... It just tells me that this mod didn't work last time and has been disabled and I get stuck on that screen until I close the game from task manager. I can't even click on any of the prompts. The game doesn't respond to my clicks but task manager displays it as "running": http://imgur.com/gUJEgeA The mod in a zip: thedeath.zip
  8. I fixed it. Your mod. I'll upload it privately and send it to you.

  9. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    This is my first character I've worked on. Why doesn't it work? I took an old character and tried to update it to work in the current Don't Starve build. I used the old TEX files and tried to update it with the help of "wod better". Link: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/719-myfirstcharacter/