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  1. Currently working on the scythe cause I agree that he should have it... The scythe's stats will most likely be: able to summon shadow tentacles on hit randomly with bat bat damage modifiers (don't want it too overpowered). Grim himself might get a dmg upgrade during dusk/night. Working on it. Going to adjust the scythe a bit... It seems a bit too small... I might be able to dedicate tomorrow (friday) for doing that. My summer job is taking the steam off of me atm.
  2. Trying to create

  3. Version 0.985


    From The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy comes Grim! Reign of Giants compatible! Grim.zip for base game. Grim_rog.zip for Reign of Giants. Play as the grim reaper from one of my favourite shows when I was a kid. Mod contains the scythe of the reaper as a custom weapon. *Custom maxwell intro *Has high health but lower sanity. *Lower sanity drain in the darkness and near monsters. *Starts with his scythe. -scythe spawns shadow tentacles on random occasions after hitting Still some work to be done: - (Better hands) - Custom weapon (or container) - Better facial expressions - Reign of Giants compatibility - Maybe better textures for the scythe - Add sanity gain after killing a creature (or something else?) Made with help from wodbetter by Fidooop and tweaking help by dryicefox. Inspired by an old mod made by cEnaa9.
  4. I fixed it. Your mod. I'll upload it privately and send it to you.